Nipsey Hussle Explains The Importance Of The South

AllHipHop Staff

The Los Angeles rapper was a sharp businessman who knew he had to penetrate the South if he wanted to be successful.

After the success of his Crenshaw mixtape, and #Proud2Pay campaign where he sold the tape for $100 each (including 100 copies to Jay Z), the rapper built his recording studio.

In this interview, Neighborhood Nip talks about what brought him to Atlanta, the South in general and the importance of having a strategy to penetrate those markets.

The change of scenery and his time in Atlanta was a breath of fresh air and contributed greatly to Nip's creativity and overall career trajectory.

"I've done the majority of the projects in Los Angeles and I worked with a lot of the L.A. producers, a lot of the L.A. artists, songwriters," Nipsey Hussle told

"I originally came out here to sit down for a week just to finish up and I just kind of get a vibe. A lot of producers I was looking to get with came through. Justice League, London On Da Track, Metro Boomin. I got with Organized Noised, which is Outkast's in-house production team. We're recording at [DJ] Drama's studio, so just the flow artists and songwriters and producers that come through here, it made me want to stay. So I decided to camp out," Nipsey said.

"I've been in the game for a couple of years now and um, I've seen how important the south is Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, you know what I'm saying? Just in terms of like urban music and black music. He being an la, um, even our radio stations is more geared toward Top 40 rhythmic pop stuff," Nipsey continued.

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