NyuKyung’s Album “Trap Harmonix” Charts On iTunes


NyuKyung is a hip hop artist based out of Vancouver, Canada. The artist has won multiple nationwide rap contests, garnering the attention and support from major artists and producers. NyuKyung is relatively new to the music scene but his latest release took the industry by storm.

His latest album “Trap Harmonix” found NyuKyung’s name on the iTunes chart. The album was as high as third at one point. The album showcases NyuKyung’s versatility and pure talent as an artist. The entire album features hit song after hit song, fast flows, harmonies, catchy melodies, and stellar beat choice.

NyuKyung and his newest album “Trap Harmonix” is fire and one worth listening to.

Check out “Trap Harmonix” here: https://open.spotify.com/album/1j23AFkkfGGzVTLbcmnPO9

Follow NyuKyung on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/nyukyung253/