OG Professor Daddy-O Delves Into Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five Beef

A Vet Takes Melle Mel To Task

Professor Daddy-O, a revered MC from the Brooklyn collective Stetsasonic, has weighed in on the debacle between Grand Master Flash and Furious 5 members Melle Mel and Scorpio. He offers his esteemed opinion and backs it up with cultural facts. Step aside. This is old school versus old school.

[vimeo 128089895 w="500" h="281"]

Professordaddyo on Melle Mel's claim that Grandmaster Flash is the Milli Vanilli of Hip-Hop from professordaddyo on Vimeo.

By the way, if you don’t know about Daddy-O or Stet, get to googling. The group (Wise, Daddy-O, MC Delite, Frukwan, Prince Paul, DBC (Devastating Beat Creator), and Bobby Simmons) was Hip-Hop’s first band and predated The Roots by several years. They also dropped a number of epic albums. Their group spawned off into working with other acts like De La Soul, The Gravediggaz and more!