Post Malone's Artist Tyla Yaweh Is A Musical Mixed Bag Destined For Greatness


Sounds like Post Malone has struck gold with his latest musical prodigy Tyla Yaweh.

Post Malone's buddy Tyla Yaweh is almost certain to be the next shooting star to shriek across the musical cosmo. The Orlando, Florida native is a singer, rapper, and songwriter with a unique flair in the world of Hip-Hop. He's already crafted hits like "She Bad", "Gemini", "Drugs and Pain" and "Wildlife" as an artist on Epic Records. The artist started out in a more typical fashion as a drug peddler that supplemented his income from Dunkin' Donuts. After getting kicked out of the house, he moved to LA and took his dreams with him. His eccentric style got the attention of one Post Malone and Dre London and they singe him to London Entertainment and subsequently Epic Records. Interviewer Slops talked to Tyla Yaweh about his rise to fame, being down with Post Malone and how he diversifies his musical portfolio.