Swizz Beatz Talks Enrolling at Harvard, Alicia Keys and Recording with DMX via The Breakfast Club

Swizz Beatz spoke with the Breakfast Club recently on Power 105.1 about going back to school at Harvard, investing time into himself and how rap is different now

What made a multimillionaire such as yourself want to go to Harvard?

I just feel like you have to keep graduating your brand. You know a lot of people get complacent witt their success and things they have done before and I just wasn’t comfortable with that, because I started transitioning from being producer to business owner……..

Are you living at Harvard?

Yea for me, it was amazing man, to go from my crib to a dorm room…… My room is so small I couldn’t have a roommate.  Twin bed, dresser is right there, I got my own shower, its humbling experience that small room could have been my jail cell……

On Alicia Keys and the fitness trainer drama on instagram….

Don’t believe everything you read… love my wife!  I dont have time to play games with fitness trainers…

 Do you think DMX can still come back?

Definitely….there’s no time limit on music….we’ve already recorded the music….


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPR1414Ppi4]