Thieves Grab $80k Worth Of Jewelry In 30 Second Heist


Ocean's Two?

Two fast-moving thieves smashed their way into a Hamilton, NJ jewelry store on Wednesday and escaped with about $80,000 in diamonds and rings.

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Footage from August 26, 2015 - Thank you so much for all the kind words and support. It means a lot to all of us as the whole thing settles in... I wasn't able to find software that would enable me to even view the footage on my mac, so I resulted to recording it with my iPhone and creating this montage... Attached is footage of the robbery at my family's jewelry store, Trent Jewelers, in Hamilton, NJ. The people involved parked across the street around 3:08am (I included that clip at the end of the video - out of order), the first footage of the men is around 3:27am, in the back of the jewelry store. You can see them trying to disable the motion sensor light. When that didn't work they went to the side of the building and broke in through the window. I included different angles of the robbery, so it repeats a few times at various perspectives. We are encouraging everyone to please, please share this, and ask friends to share... If anyone has any information that may help in the case, please call the Hamilton Police at 609.689.5824Also, many, many thanks to our friends at who have been helping us put together and share the footage from the break in.

Posted by Dana Pontani Varhley on Wednesday, August 26, 2015

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