Tiny Talks Rumors, Infidelity, Instagram and Being a "Ride or Die Chick" with The Breakfast Club

With the T.I. and Floyd Mayweather beef still lingering in the media, and a new song called “What the F*ck You Gon Do?” out Tiny joins the Breakfast Club for a tell all interview. While she does avoid some questions about Floyd, she does address the situation and explain her side…

On being a “ride or die” chick:

Charlamagne: You are the epitome of a ride or die chick, when did you realize that was a role you were going to take on. Everybody look at you like you are the ultimate ride or die chick….

Tiny: Well I guess I sit back in the cut and let him do his thing and I’d fall back and I guess that was a part of ridin with T.I., and then all of the jail sentences, and I mean I’m with him, I’m down to make him king. I make him feel like king.

The only other real relationship I had a before that, I was young and we were together for some years and then he went way…


On “Checking People on Instagram”:

I mean I try to ignore them, you know if I don’t go on there I do better, but if I go on there and I see something just really really stupid… or I see something that you shouldn’t be talking about anyway because you don’t have the right to say because I’m looking at you…then I might say something back. But I try to refrain from that. But now the only thing that really really gets me is the stuff about my kids.  So I have to respond, but I’ve been doing really good lately.

Charlamagne: You gotta expect that though because you but them out there..

Tiny: You aint gonna talk about ’em if you do I’ma check you when I see it.


On Rumors about Floyd:

Charlamagne: Were you trying to make T.I. jealous by taking a picture with Floyd?

Tiny: I was not… I don’t wanna talk about Floyd, you know its my anniversary today….