Trill Will - The Motive Ft Wyte the Plug is a MOVIE! This is entertainment! This is quality! Trill Will and Wyte The Plug start off a multiple part movie with the" little bro" getting hit for $500 and Wyte deciding he wants to get out of the game and be a rapper. Trill Will replies incredulously '"So now you wanna be a rapper?" #runtheplay

Wyte The Plug explains himself on the hook : "Money the motive I stay in my bag" and delivers a smooth flowing chorus that talks about the why, and the Illustrious Trill Will comes in to detail the "how" "Mob Ties, they consider me drizzy." This record is full of punchlines and the video is great quality with colorful intriguing scenes. Wyte's verse is full of effects and chops and strong statements like "fendi to hold up the glizzy i really got shooters but i'll be the one that shoot you" Quickly racking up views on Youtube now.