Under the Knife: Lazarus and D12's Bizarre Bring New Life to Hip-Hop


DJ Kool Herc and The Bronx gave birth to Hip-Hop, so that respect and recognition is mandatory. But rap reaches people from all walks of life, and so it’s foolish to think its potential to kick down doors and influence others is limited to areas only like where it started. Hip-Hop shouldn’t be contained like that; it’s far too great a force to be reckoned with.

Take, for instance, Lazarus. He’s a practicing physician who raps professionally. And it is no gimmick. He is as committed to telling his story about being a doctor as 50 Cent is to telling his about life as a former drug dealer. Additionally, another thing that makes Laz so compelling (in addition to major co-signs from Chuck D, Nas, Sway, and Russell Simmons for his rhyme talents) is that he never traded in one grind for another either. The Detroit native honed both skills by attending Wayne State University and battling at St. Andrews Hall at the same time; now he is in a position to reap the rewards for all his tremendous efforts.

In an exclusive interview with AllHipHop.com, Lazarus and D12’s Bizarre take a break from recording to chop it up with us and discuss their longtime connection, the Motor City, breast implants, and their upcoming song, “Open Heart Surgery.”

Lazarus and Nas

The record is unlike anything rap fans have heard before, and the following clip explains why.