#VidPick: So Gaudy – Smokin N Sippin

Having survived a near fatal crash by a diesel truck, Las Vegas rapper So Gaudy has spent the past year and a half going through physical rehab building his life back bigger and stronger than ever. For the rapper who has been on his own since the age of 16 a life filled with obstacles is par for the course but with new revelations , a new lease on life and new music, his old self is gone and Vinny Vallacci presents himself as the rebirth of So Gaudy. Chronicling a life of promethazine induced recklessness “Last Cup” is the story of transition and tells the story of life before his near death experience and living life in the haze.
Available for download now “Last Cup” will feature the single “Smokin and Sippin” and includes appearances by Samuel Christian (of the Dungeon Family),  Boogz Boogetz , Blow , Havana Push, and Gill Gates.