Vince Bracy Reminds Us What We Love Most About Kanye

The Video Is Self-Explanatory...

What if we could have just the best parts of an artist’s unique spirit? Rick James without the drug problems, Chris Brown without the anger issues? Comedian Vince Bracy is trying to answer that question for an artist that many of us have been scratching our heads over lately: Kanye West. He’s crafted Kanye’s alter ego “UnsunkenYE,”(alluding to the Get Out comparisons that have been a common meme since Kanye’s more shocking recent statements) to help communicate his vision of what Kanye is really trying to say when he rants. Sure, Kanye understands his own “enlightenment,” but Vince Bracy is here to break it down for the rest of us in a series of UnsunkenYE shorts being released on YouTube.