Chi Ali Captured


Ali Griffith, who was wanted for the murder of

an ex friend over $300 worth of compact discs, was caught

last week in the Bronx after his second profiling on Fox’s

America’s Most Wanted, February 24th.

Police say that

Chi shot and killed his girlfriend’s brother over the debt

in the South Bronx. He shared an apartment with Sean Raymond

and his sister in the Throgs Neck Houses. Chi-Ali and Raymond

had numerous disputes prior to Chi murdering him. Hours after

Raymond confronted Chi about the missing CD’s, Chi found him

in front of their apartment and shot him to death.

Detective Charles

McLiverty and a team of detectives from N.Y.P.D.’s 45th

precinct arrested Chi on February 25th at 1575 Odell Street,

in the South Bronx. At 6:30 in the morning, officers hit an

apartment in the building and arrested Griffith without incident

despite the fact that Griffith was armed.

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