Minister Farrakhan Behind Rap

Speaking at the

National Press Club in Washington, D.C. yesterday, Minister Louis Farrakhan

called upon rappers to be "messengers of good," and to focus on using

their celebrity to bring forth change.

Speaking about

his recent tour of the Middle East & Africa, as well as the current war

climate in the world, Farrakhan told the media in attendance "These young

men & women are messengers. Young people are not politically sophisticated

but through rap they could be."

Farrakhan was present

at the East Coast and West Coast hip-hop summits that were held in the past

year and has made his support of rappers widely known. "I spoke to members

of the hip hop culture, which is the deplored by some. Rappers can be messengers

of filth and negativity, or they can be messengers of good."

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<span>One</span> Response to “Minister Farrakhan Behind Rap”

  1. Helenofreims

    Damn moron how? Farrakhan no appeal when convey your message you assume your informing whom “Black folk” there whom “American citizens” disoriented majority. Before say externals is problem and struggles why disunity entrenched hate your perpetuating it. How failure to see the damage no economic structure on message leaving many in doubt clout is Farrakhan the savior!
    Tell the brothers aggression you pulled with First Brother of Libya (1969-2011) beat African security guards as entered the mosque First Brother paid for it was political! You attended many events Ummah which leaders oppose the majority yeah 40yr dictatorship of First Brother 2009 whom family at time worth $400 billion in revenue. Maghreb leaders enriched your pockets now using rappers!

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