Watch the G-Unit Video for “Feels Good” Now!

G-UNIT VIDEO FOR “FEELS GOOD”You know, I heard that there was a huge issue with the AllHipHop debut of this G-Unit video for “Feels Good!” From what I heard, Interscope got a lil’ tight over it and a lil’ of “this” and a lil’ of “that” happened to smooth things over. I can’t say much more than that. I will say that this video isn’t even going to be included in the actual G-Unit album, if my intel is correct. I heard this song is just going to be included in a mixtape that’s coming up. G-UNIT!

“The project itself will be something they will be looking forward to,” 50 Cent told AllHipHop.com. “There hasn’t been a project so far that has captured that good street or aggressive content.”

“We’re going back to the basic concept of the mixtape and creating a new vibe,” 50 Cent continued. “[We are creating] a new sound for them to rock in the street. We plan for [“Feel Good”] to do for G-Unit what “You Should Be Here” [from 50 Cent is The Future] did for me. Implant us in the future.”

I wasn’t really feeling the video, but its cool. Since I have your ear, I think you should read this article on the young lady in West Virginia that was tortured, raped and kidnapped. PEEP IT HERE. Check out the video right here.


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