Rapper Mr. Serv-On Writes Dating Book For Black Women

Former No Limit Soldier Mr. Serv-On is gearing up for his return to the public eye, via a new dating and relationship guide written by the artist himself.Entitled Inside the Mind of Brothas: A Young Black Man’s Guide for Black Women Trying to Survive the Dating Game in Today’s Hip-Hop Generation, the book aims to resolve the most common conflicts faced by young African-American couples today.“Seventy percent of the time, Black Women’s hearts get broken because of their own blind misjudgment and greediness for a man based on outside attributes,” explained Mr. Serv-On.“With this book, I hope to teach women about today’s Black men in the Hip-Hop community, so that the playing fields are equal and every black woman will end up with the right guy,” the rapper continued.With chapter titles including “My Kids Father,” “What She Wants,” and “She is Older and I like That,” Serv-On hopes that Mind of Brothas will also help men better understand women’s reactions to their actions.“All in all, I hope through this book we learn about each other,” he said.The rapper is also preparing an accompanying CD, featuring new music by Mr. Serv-On and singer Lisa G, an artist signed to Serv-On’s Lifetyme Entertainment imprint.Mr. Serv-On is also currently readying the release of Life Insurance II, the street-oriented sequel to his 1997 debut Life Insurance, which will be distributed by EMI.

  • raynel soulman

    I like to read the book. good idea. Serve On.
    The Problem with african American relationship is were coping white men ways and it has failed us. Lets marry off our girls off young to older establish men, like they do in Africa, Islam and India. not these young thugs that gets them pregnate and in and out of jail.
    Parents need to stop letting teenage girls have boyfriends. why let strange boys get it free.
    I like they say, you want it, put a ring on it.
    Its okay to date smart but do get married straight up. a parent should make sure men dating their daughter must have.
    [1] A job
    [2] Apartmartment or house, his own not mama house.
    [3] have a car.
    [4] Parents must ask him about handling love, bills and raising a child.

    Our black woman need to allow men to be men and run the household.
    be faithfull, make sure hes the real baby daddy.
    PS. lets ban all this gay marriage bs in African American community. We got enough problems with the economy, crime, racisim.