Sneak(er) Peek: Air Questos, Fly McFly and other stuff…

Can you really ever go wrong with a pair of Nike’s ubiquitous Air Force 1’s? These bad boys here (above to the left & below)—pic courtesy of the good folks at The Vault up in Harlem, where you can cop you a pair—are a mesh of the Uptowns with the Air Max 97’s. Crispy.The Roots’ ?uestlove has always been a stand up dude, consistently good for some knocking tunes, but his Air Questo will spawn some debate. They are a part of Nike’s 1WORld series that sees Air Force 1’s “created in partnership with global innovators in the fields of sport, music, art & design.” To his credit, ?uest said he wanted to “start off with a very loud statement, a sneaker that sort of has 12 exclamation points behind it.” I’d say say he accomplished that mission. “The inside (of the shoe) is of me drumming. Yeah, inside art is very important to me. Even though you’re the only person that sees it from a consumer standpoint but, I sorta know you put a lot of work into it as a designer based on how your shoe is designed on the sole.”-?uestlove f/k/a B.R.O.THER. ?Kanye West kicked, “You’re fly is open McFly” on Common’s “Southside,” but it’s doubtful that he knew Nike was going to pull these jawns out of their sleeves. Only 350 of these Hyperdunk McFlys—a take on Kobe Bryant’s Hyperdunks with Back to the Future II colors and a glow in the dark sole, word to Michael J. Fox—were made and last EBay check, they were going for as much a stack. Ahh, the cost of freshness…They do look better than the Marty McFly OG versions below. Now I’ve never been too much of an Aesop Rock fan, but if he had a hand in designing his Adidas and Upper Playground collaboration (available July 31), then the man of the dense lyrical verbiage has impeccable sneaker taste. Save for Rod Lavers, you can’t lose with a pair of Stan Smiths…So Nasir Jones got a deal with Fila. Must say this is an exponential improvement from his days of pushing that Willie Esco stuff. On a slight tangent, am I the only one not impressed by those Filas that look like Prada knock offs?  But for real, The Fat Boys are who made me want to cop a pair back in the day. Now? Nah.

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