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What is this crazy mess that’s going on? There is rumor that Dr. Dre might be working with Fergie of the BEP on his looming, highly anticipated album DETOX. Here is the latest, according to an interview with DX. The basis of the interview is Bruce Williams, author of “Rollin’ With Dre: The Unauthorized Account.” Now, this has me wondering if he is offering an unauthorized account of Dre’s new album. 1) he stated that Dre is not doing a West Coast album, as he has been known to do in the past. He said his former friend is doing an album for the general market in an effort to appeal with the teen and young adult market. Williams, who has been sued by Dr. Dre for 100k, is speculating that there is a song with Fergie on there. Now, i don’t have hate for Fergie, but it does present an interesting scenario. Williams also said that the 40-plus age difference is presenting a challenge to appeal to the younger rap fans. Do you believe? We’ll see!


Lil Wayne is alive and leaning! The super, mega and grandiose star was rumored dead on Sunday. Nope. “Lil’ Wayne not shot and killed.” Sorry. He’s still out here and thugging it out! A fake-type website started pumping this bogus rumor into cyberspace. I did hear there were some other folks shot and that might have sparked the Wayne rumors.

Also, I am hearing that Wayne’s not releasing Carter 4 in early 09. I heard there is a new version of Carter 3 with new songs coming.By the way, here is the original FAKE article that stated that something happened to Weezy.

‘Lil Wayne’ Slain In Notorious Gang Shootout

Dwayne Carter Aka ‘Lil Wayne’ Gunned Down After Show In Hometown Of New Orleans

Dwayne Carter known by his rap alias of ‘Lil Wayne’ is the latest victim of the notorious feud between the ‘Bloods’ And ‘Crips’.Shortly after performing at the New Orleans Arena, Lil

Wayne was involved in an altercation with members of rival gang the

‘Crips’, and brutally shot 6 times with a semi automatic 9mm Smith

& Wesson handgunParamedics rushed to the scene and attempted to

resuscitate the rapper, however were unable to prevent colossal blood

losses and Dwayne Carter was pronounced dead at 02:36 Am, November

1st,shortly after arriving at Tulane University Hospital.This will be seen as a huge loss to the hiphop

community, as the self proclaimed ‘Best Rapper Alive’ has been an

integral part of the revival of the genre, going platinum with his

latest release Tha Carter III within one week.New Orleans police Chief Warren J.Riley appealed to any witnesses to come forward with any information about the 4 gunmen

AGAIN – that is a fake article.



No, Akon is not suddenly signed to Michael Jackson like Quo. But you might remember that Akon and the masked and gloved one recorded a pretty good song together. I am hearing it was dumped by Michael for some reason, but I don’t really know why. Check out the song and let me know if you have heard anything compelling.

See, aside from Akon saying “Konvict Muzik,” was that bad? MiJac is “bad!”


I am not sure who Jennifer Hudson is engaged to. I say that nicely, meaning he seemed to be a nut type for popping up on “I Love New York.” The WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) signed David “Punk” Otunga to a dev contract. Punk has reportedly been down in Florida in an attempted to get in the league. So, I have to admit, dude seems like he is going for the gusto even though he is a lawyer. He gets props for taking a hiatus from the WWE to be with his future wife in her time of need. So, Punk is a real man and not a punk.

ILLSEED’S QUICKIESClick here to listen to a Canadian prank Sarah Palin into thinking he was the King of France. Uh, she fell for it.

I got something off the IC that Da Brat attempted to break out of jail, but don’t believe that one if you hear it. That’s not true.

The Ill Community is doing a battle between Ice-T’s first and second wives. You know, Darlene is the first and iconic on and Coco is the current and iconic one. Click here to see it.

If you heard that UK rapper Wiley died, don’t believe what you heard. It is not true.

Looks like Eminem is going to be moving forward with this new album and video. I am getting word that he needs females for a new video.

Supporters of McCain are using MLK’s “content of their character” quote to explain why people should vote for the old tymer. Remember, McCain didn’t even support the MLK holiday. Don’t make me com to Arizona.

There are quite a few rumors going on with regard to Shakir Stewart, the former VP of Def Jam. He replaced Jay-Z earlier this year, before reportedly killing himself over the weekend. Heard anything? Tell me at

Shout out to

They are suggesting that the weapon used to murder Jennifer Hudson’s family was also owned by her brother.

What’s Beyonce doing with a transvestite background dancer in her video for “Single Ladies?”

Click here for that Kid Kudi mixtape, “A Kid Named Kudi!”

Check out The Cons diss Kid Kudi…Some G.O.O.D. Music Beef?

Check out “Onslaught!” It’s the song with Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9?, Crooked I & Joell Ortiz. DL it here!

Did you know Rick Ross was supposed to be on “Swagger Like Us?” That’s OK, he might be on the remix – Jay-Z, Nas, Andre 3000, Young Jeezy and Rause. Ownership of the original is coming.


Is it me or s Jay-Z officially on the campaign trail?


When did Prodigy of Mobb Deep get so “deep?” I don’t mean any harm, but this is the man that called his CD Murda Muzik and has delved into drugs, all sorts of sex and murder. Oh, he disses Jay-Z again.

“J.Z. [sic] knows the truth, but he chose sides with evil in order to be accepted in the corporate world. J.Z. conceals the truth from the black community and the world and promotes the lifestyle of the beast instead.”

Sarah Palin disses Tina Fey:“And a little advice for Tina: We wanted to make sure she’s holding

onto that Sarah outfit because she’s going to need it for the next four


Nore is doing his work out this, but he had to object to the endorsement of John McCain. Peep it!


Two men are headed to a funeral. Some insane gun man shoots both of them, fatally wounding one of them. Well, that is crazy, but here is the real crazy part. The man killed a reverend and a deacon inside a Kentucky church. And here is the real super crazy part. The man shot them as they arrived at the church for a FUNERAL. The shooting was a result of a yearlong beef between the men. The church still managed to have a shortened funeral service for the 70-something-year old woman that passed away. SMH.


M.I.A. is a UK rep, but she lives here. She has stated that if John McCain can steal, I mean, win this election, she will head back across the pond. She just got married or something so she has to stay here! Plus she just un-retired and we all want to keep her around. Jay-Z has also said a very similar statement, but he said that he will start buying new residences in other places to life. He didn’t actually says he’ll bounce. If I get my weight up, I might do the same. Sarah Palin is like an elderly heartbeat away from world domination.

“If McCain gets voted in, then I’m outta here quicker than anyone can say Obama. I’m here because it’s an interesting time. It’s important to be here watching and saying to people, ‘Look, your country has been so dumb for eight years. If you f**k up one more time, that’s a whole generation of dumb people.’”


I almost made this an Epic Fail. Ne-Yo is cool, but he just picked the wrong time and day and show over the weekend. He segment on Mad TV popped up the moment John Mccain and Tina Fey (as Sarah Palin) came on SNL. Well, needless to say, most people like myself watched McCain yuck it up. He’s actually funny. Here is Ne-Yo…not so funny.


VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!!!!!!!!

You CANNOT vote on November 5, people. The lying, deceptive other side are trying to tell Dems in Virginia that you can vote on Nov. 5. What a slimy bunch!!!!! If you must video tape and document your process of voting to act as a checks and balances. I am going with a camera. In this age, it is way more different that it was four years ago. We can expose a lot more and we have media “in house” as well as mainstream.

VOTING LINKS. Here are a bunch of links sent to me and I am sending them to you.

MC Yogi – Obama ’08 – Vote for Hope

Avalance of Attorneys Arrive to State Monitor Polls

Video the Vote 2008

The Stench Run – Republlicans Ramp Up Negative Attacks as Election Day Nears

Starbucks Offers Free Coffee on Nov. 4th For Those Who Voted

McPalin Victory? The Expatriot Liberal Intellectuals’ Theocracy Escape Plan Can Help

Frank Rich: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Some Voters Hit With Dirty Tricks

Video the Vote Promo 2008 (this is a different video)

Thomas Friedman: Vote for ( )

Reagan’s Chief of Staff Endorses Obama

Dick Cheney Endorses McCain

Reversal of Fortune

Everybody’s Voting for the Weekend

Princeton Report Rips New Jersey E-Voting Machines A Easily Hackable

Eagleburger Blisters Palin – “Of Course” She’s Not Ready

Economist Endorses Obama “It’s Time”

Democratic Politicians: Open Polls This Weekend

Voter Registration Smashes Records


Aubrey and Suge!

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