2010 Hip – Hop Predictions and Beyond


Doesn’t it seem like every year there’s always a Best and Worst list to cap of every year end? Well, I couldn’t stand by and let these lists go on without adding my own list of “predictions” for the New Year. They say I’m a Drama Queen, but it’s not my fault I have the tendency to tell the truth and be a little extra heat with it. I guess you can say, I have the tendency to drop knowledge as well as expose some of the cancers in Hip-Hop. I’ve been making artists joyful or uncomfortable for a few years now, whether on radio, online or in my “hot seat” interviews. I’ll admit I’m a problem, but what’s new?  My family has been saying that for years.


So for the New Year, it looks like this problem will be around for a little bit longer as I align with a new different family. This Drama Queen, aka Ms. Drama, will join AllHipHop Radio in 2010. If you haven’t seen me in action, you should probably check out my site,, to get a glimpse of my duplicity. I’ll make you laugh, I’ll make you think and I’m sure to I’ll piss off a few artists as well. Straight entertainment for the New Year slightly shaken, not stirred.


Here are some predictions, yearbook style! Lastly, we’d love to see your predictions for Hip-Hop and urban music in the year 2010. Lets see it!


Rapper most likely to get his chain snatched in 2010




Answer: Plies



Rapper least likely to get his G.E.D




A: Gucci Mane



 Artist most likely to be on Dr. Phil complaining how he’s been black listed




A: Chris Brown




Rapper most likely to get a 9 to 5 once his album sales come in




A: Ace Hood




Rapper most likely to get booed during a New York performance




A: OJ the Juiceman




Rapper least likely to have a diet plan as a New Year’s resolution




A: Rick Ross




Rapper most likely to have a temper tantrum in public




A: Kanye West




Rapper most likely to have gingivitis or a major dental issue and refuse to get it fixed because he is  “keeping it real”




A: Fabolous



Artist most likely to be mistaken for a woman at a nightclub




A: Lloyd



 Artist most likely to be invited to the Illuminati


 A: Jay-Z


Rapper most likely to have another pimp / hoe relationship with his girl




A: Joe Budden




Rapper most likely to be on Maury Povich for a paternity test




A: Lil Wayne


Rapper least likely to be known outside of his state or area


 A: Lil Ru


Rapper mostly likely to take side gigs as an emcee to for Hip-Hop bands




A: Wale




Rapper most likely to use his religious and familial affiliation (Jewish) versus his rap affiliation (Young Money) to get him out of a legal bind




A: Drake



Rapper most likely to go missing for another 2 to 3 years or until his next project drops




A: Cam’ron



 Rapper most likely to be both hated and respected by fellow rappers




A: Soulja Boy




Rapper mostly likely to find at a free health clinic or in drug rehab








Rapper most likely still writing letters to Santa




A: Gucci Mane




Artists most likely never to check his voicemail or pick up the phone from inmate calls




A: Jay-Z




Rapper most likely to sleep with your baby mama, ex-wife, current girlfriend, sister, moms, auntie or half-sister LaQuana




A: 50 Cent


Bonus For fans to fill in the answers:


Question: What rapper is most likely to be in a gay bar after a bad day?



Answer: ___________



Question: Rapper least likely to go back to rapping?




A: ___________


Question: Who is most likely to buy Koch Ent (E1) and make it his label?




A: __________



Question: Which rapper is most likely to get an extensive dental plan if his album ever comes out?




A: __________


Question: Who is most likely to go to jail in 2010 (aside from Lil’ Wayne)?


A: __________


What free agent most likely to get picked up by a major rapper?


A: __________



All opinions expressed by Ms. Drama are mostly her own and do not reflect the opinions of Please catch or curse Ms. Drama at


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