Rapper X-Raided Stabbed 7 Times In Prison Riot Over Rap Album

(AllHipHop News) Sacramento rapper X-Raided was stabbed during a prison riot at Pleasant Valley State Prison, sources told AllHipHop.com.A group of inmates affiliated with the gang The Northern Riders were responsible for the attack on the rapper, because he refused to produce their album.The result was a full-blown riot when three African-American inmates attempted to assist X-Raided, who fought his three assailants.”These guys are essentially a Protective Custody gang. They’re a group of guys who were kicked off of the mainline by the Norte who came together on a sensitive needs yard and made up a new PC gang,” a source close to X-Raided told AllHipHop.com. “It’s ridiculous. They ran away from the mainline only to get to an SNY facility and form a new so-called gang.”Information on the inmates were scant, although the inmates responsible for the attack were identified as convicts: R. Werth, Gonzales, and Lawson.X-Raided, born Aneraé Brown , was attacked by Werth who used a state toothbrush with eight razor blades taped and tied to it.Gonzales used a knife made from a piece of metal removed from the prison’s baseball facilities equipment.The attackers stabbed X-Raided seven times, before a dozen officers were called in to regain control.X-Raided fought off all three attackers and then stood up and crip walked, according to sources. The rapper was then airlifted to Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno, California.The attack on X-Raided’s was an extortion attempt, a source stated.”They wanted him to produce and release their rap album,” a source said. “We’re talking about inmates serving Life without the possibility of parole (Werth and Gonzales) wanting to be rap stars, and feeling so rejected to the point of wanting to kill him in an attempt to gain some fame. It’s absurd.  Our client shouldn’t be facing threats of death on any Special Needs Yard, especially from a bunch of cowards who ran away from the mainline to escape from the Norte, only to clique up on any SNY facility. If they wanted to be tough guys they should have stayed on the mainline.”All three inmates have been charges with attempted murder.X-Raided is currently serving 31 years in prison for taking part in a deadly gang related shooting in 1992 that left one woman dead. He’s in the SNY facility because of his notoriety. He has managed to release at least 13 albums since his incarceration.X-Raided is fine and has recovered from the attack.

  • xraided is washed up. he’s what “used/” to be cool in northern cali. nobody even listens to this fools shit anymore

    • godselect01

      You ain’t  shit!!! Raided iz da best rapper in da U.S. You fag.

    • Linda

      that is so true this nigga was on the ground leaking not fuckin c walkin check the video on youtube

    • smiley

      xraided’s da shit and u know it dont hate…

  • Linda

    this is some straight fuckin bullshit yall dont know shit about the inmates i do though

  • “X-Raided wants ya’ll to believe that he was stabbed because he refused
    to produce a rap album. This is simply not true. X is saying this false
    info to make himself seem like some type of Boss to ya’ll out there who
    aren’t as informed and who don’t know any better. He wants to appear
    like some type of Suge Knight. He was stabbed simply because he was
    snitching on Stranger from Modesto and Mike Enemigo from Sac

  • X-Raided was telling the cops to search their cell (amongst other shit)
    for contraband cell phones so Stranger and Mike Enemigo gave his ass
    the Bizzness! X-raided didn’t beat anybody up. Ofcourse he is gonna
    “claim” that he did but the truth of the matter is is that X-raided
    didn’t do no damage. He was stabbed seven times and sliced twice

  • He never did no

    C-Walk. He got on the floor when it was all over in a quick hurry and
    then immediately started telling. He was flown to Fresno Medical
    Center after the stabbing so that his Artery could be repaired. He
    continued to tell. So when you read about his blogs about this or that
    just laugh it off because you know the real.”

  • Listen, I look at X-raided as a little kid. First, when he gets himself
    into a jam he pouts and pouts always putting the 10 on the 2. He claims
    that he beat everybody up, did a C-Walk, etc then, as a kid does, when
    X gets caught with his fingers in the cookie jar, he starts pointing
    fingers. X-raided lied to everybody in a blog that he wrote in May 2010
    saying that he C-Walked on the basketball court, beat everybody up,

  • You know why he said all that in his blog? Because he didn’t expect the
    prison officials to release the actual footage of the riot. Ewww’, I
    know that he was shaking in his cell when he heard that in April of
    2012 the prison officials released the footage of the stabbing. Watch it
    for yourself. You’ll see what “really” happened. He (x-raided) was
    attacked on the prison yard by Stranger whom had a metal knife.

  • Charlie Hustle

    Hey justin, the video of the whole thing is online from the news, X-Raided never even goes down and yeah he does crip walk.

  • 323

    “X-Raided fought off all three attackers and then stood up and crip walked” X-Raided serious shit.

  • Me

    These were a bunch of chomos that put them selfs in sny so the nortenos wouldn’t kill em x ain’t fuccn wit them for being chomos and he’s a 24th st garden blocc crip , crips and northers run together in the streets and cells hey Justin was terry your uncle did he touch u to u fuccn fag bitch asss nigga

  • Me