Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay Electronica Signed To Roc Nation? Kat Stacks Deported!


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I heard over this past weekend that Jay Electronica formally joined Rock Nation over the weekend. As you recall, I heard it was supposed to be last Tuesday, but I didn’t hear anything. Then over the weekend, I heard it happened son!


Apparently, at the recent Soul Train Awards taping, Rick Ross got mad when he didn’t win after being nominated. He lost to Eminem. Well, it prompted Chrisette to write a huge blog about it. Award Show :

If this is the way hip hop is then I denounce it.

This is not about ego. This is about what I can bring to the world. My life is for the people. I live to give.

It’s my desire to bring life and freedom light and love everywhere I go. Upward mobility in the brown skinned community.

Who stands off at an award show because they don’t win? An award is winning at being as “stuck in a category” as possible. Congratulations to all the trophy holders who won at being the most like every one else. Click here for the rest of the blog.


Yall ready for this?


It looks like Kat has been turned over to the probably immigration authorities and will now has to stand trial for whatever issues she’s got. Basically, they are going to deport her. She has past crimes so they are keeping her in jail.

Basically…she is deported, but has to go to court to get the official order.


I had basically ignored this whole thing. People don’t think this is MJ and I have to say…sounds fishy. The estate released the acapella to convince fans that it is the real deal.

Most people concur that this is a hack job from some song that MJ never really wanted out.


This isn’t even new! But, I thought it deserved addressing! IS there nobody that Chuck Wilson from Babygrande owes? Talib went in on dude about a month ago. Here is a refresher,


Nelly needs to lock Ashanti down! She’s looking great!


Lil Wayne reportedly went on a recording spree for 15 hours straight.

Brandy wants more kids. That’s a headline from yesterday.

Somebody told me that the Trey Songz’s bi-sexual rumor is false.

SIGNS THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END has removed this book from their racks, but check this out.


I’m not exactly what Kanye West meant, but he compared his life or times to the student protests in China and Tiananmen Square. Not sure what he meant, but he’s not that. No disrespect, but come on. A bunch of Chinese kids died fighting for democracy in China…20 years ago. Speaking of protest…when is a rapper going to stand up for Oscar Grant?


You know the deal with Mikey T.

Whats Good it’s the kid Mikey T The Movie Star 

back again 2 share with yall @MTMovieStar inner circle star news ….

Only The Best when you Dealing w/ The Movie Star 

Looks Like Young Dro has decided to part ways w/ his 

CEO Tip , after years an only dropping his debut album 

“Best Thang Smoking” Dro is going to try his efforts else 

where ….maybe E1 . 

Bang Em Smurf is back an he is Going against 

all that oppose him , Smurf was recently at the club

where Akon caught that major charge w/ the 14 year old girl . 

He Was w/ Onyxx frontman @DroStarr1 he an Fredro Starr 

took pictures w/ Fans outside the club as a crowd formed by the 

hip hop & movie star . 

Rick Ross & Diddy are looking at putting out an E.P. together 

this could boost the interest level in Diddy solo follow up to 

“Press Play” if yall remember Diddy first brought the group

“Dirty Money” Together when he was looking to drop a prelude album

to his next solo project . 

Upon getting out of jail Lil Wayne has got 

offers from several different film companys 

to shoot a bio for his life story . 

Max B has a new release date 4 his album

Vigilante Season it’s looking like a christmas season 

release Dec. 28th , Also Max is in hopes of coming

home close to the summer .

in other news , Max B has recently revealed that 

the album being released by Amalgam Digital was 

recorded in 2008. 

excuse me 4 the typos i be on that Black & Yellow , Black & Yellow 

twisting up like the Homie Wizzzz 

Its ya Boy @MTMovieStar hitting you

with all the hottest news & rumors 

Don’t Hate Yall jus go w/ it i’m that new Hip Hop Sensation

Don’t even make me start rapping yet  OSCAR GRANT, WE LOVE YOU!!  OAKLAND STAND UP! EVERYBODY STAND UP!They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!KEEP IT PUSHING FOR OSCAR GRANT! I

know we are pushing for Oscar, but another dude just got shot in

Oakland. An unarmed family man. Hit that link below and sign.

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