Hip-Hop Rumors: Steve Jobs Dead at Least a Week?!

Rumor has it Steve Jobs, Co-Founder of Apple Inc., has been dead for at least a week!  We hear  Apple made a board room decision to delay telling the public until the unveiling of the new IPhone 4S, which took place yesterday.  SMH!  That’s harsh! (Update: some sources have told me that this is an absurd rumor.)

R.I.P Steve Jobs

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26 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Steve Jobs Dead at Least a Week?!”

    • D Pierre

      If you’re referring to an unreleased product that is going to sell like hotcakes a flop you need to get your head checked.  They just introduced the product yesterday so I can hardly understand how it is a failure.  I think you’re just mad because the price per share of AAPL is more than you make in a week or two of work.  If you’re going to comment on something, at least make sure you know what you’re talking about before you open your mouth and sound like a fool..

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

        It’s not a flop but it is well know that the iphone 4S was not much of an upgrade as many would have liked.



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  2. destin johnson

    What source?…give it up allhiphop, your rumors SUCK and youre late on everything…worldstarhiphop, hiphopdx, bossip, and countless other hip hop websites outshine you…a couple of years ago it was a different story, but now, I mean come on, it seems like your rumors are STARVING for attention….hang it up…your time has passed…R.I.P. Allhiphop

    • destin johnson

      LOL…yeah that’s a very  mature, debatable response….I don’t need a website about writing LAME rumors…I’m the CONSUMER, remember that…and as a CONSUMER, I have to say that illseed, your rumors SUCK!…change the format all you want, but it’s like putting a band-aid over cancer

      You really need to give it up…the news is late and rumors are absurd and NEVER come to light…Not trying to be disrespectful, because at one point allhiphop was the place to go…but now, it’s pathetic…you and your team are STRETCHING for ratings, and its obvious…give it up…that’s the best advice I can give you

  3. water_ur_seeds

    RIP Steve Jobs, literally changed the world…

    On A side note, this new site and layout is wack…

    Had to make A new account just to comment…

  4. M.U. THA DON

    Illseed what made you do it?
    my account is gone,oh,it was my post from yesterday ?
    So now I’m suppose to be spamming your boards but if you look closely you’ll see that it’s already alot of spam floating around the premises..

  5. EL_BARK

    This new site blows.


    These little ass avi sucks.

    Hey yall illseed was always chuck or greg,
    They all from delaware.

    Chuck and greg link up and combine their 2 different site
    One was a supposed or alledeged journalist.

    And that who illseed is or thats was his pen name.

    Thats why the name illseed belong to AHH.

    I guess at some point greg or chuck got tired or didnt have
    The time to keep writing rumors, or was to busy running the day to day operations,

    So they prolly start letting interns write as illseed.

    And now thats its obvious, illseed is many writers they prolly was like,
    F it give them credit.

    Thats why illcoon just ask somebody where is your site???


    Meaning AHH is his. As in possession or owner of.

    Go back to the old design / layout.

    This site look wiggidy wiggidy wack son
    Kris kross voice.

    • M.U. THA DON

      some of the features are cool,they got that log in with your facebook shit finally,that’s good but they got that shit from hiphopdx…
      THEY NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT ALL THE SPAM,I’m not with all this corporate shit,they trying to erase history SMH…

    • mike malarkey

       the concept of the easy replys was ok but u cant even follow who said what and when… lmfao@ the mini avi…. i thought i uploaded an avi put it aint workin…. chuck is a fuckin fag

  6. Alex B.

    Thank you for your words and sentiments about Steve Jobs.  I bought one
    of the first Macintosh computers for my sons and it looked not that
    unlike the one in the video. Missed by his family, absolutely!  Missed
    by so many others inside and outside of Apple – assuredly.    I hung on
    his words, his ability to frame his vision as well as his companies
    vision. The news of his passing affected me much more than I have
    imagined it would.

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