DJ Drama Ft. J Cole and Chris Brown “Undercover”

[ahh_audio src=/10-7-11/DJDramaftJColeChrisBrown-Undercover.mp3]

  • All hip hop….have yall actually upgraded??? Please keep the Spam off and yall look good

  • This was a cool listen but Cole could’ve went hard (he set these high ass standards for himself). He need more features tho. Make the rounds and shh. I see CB trynna fuk wit the rap shh more and more huh?

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  • Guest

    breezy not bad on the rap tip, wonder if someone is ghostwriting or he’s spittin his own lyrics… 

  • snoopysleepyeyes

    4 shizzle tizzle allhip hop needs to recognize the amount of spam we listeners receive when we would like to look for feedback on the comments.