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Hip-Hop Rumors: Another Tupac Sex Tape?


Chris Lighty got on twitter, typing in all caps like he was raging on his phone. Is there something going on with him and 50 Cent? He’s saying monkey…I’m thinking it may be a reference to “gorilla.” I don’t know. For those that don’t know, Lighty is 50 Cent’s manager and runs Violator Management, among other businesses.

There are reportedly more Tupac sex tapes on the way. Money B of Digital Underground says there are others and that he isn’t shocked that this one came out at this time.

People are saying Beyonce is wearing a prothesis as a baby bump to fake her pregnancy. Do you think she would go this far?

The Micheal Jackson tribute went off without a hitch over the weekend. It also went off without a Jennifer Hudson. She pulled out as the event started. Also, her financee has decided not to marry her until they work out the prenumpt situation.

  • TheBoxcarHobo

    Yall clownin with this new format….smh

  • wow……it’ll be very hard to deny pac’s playa card now….homie’s legendary status just moved up another notch

  • Yeah this new format sucks. Feels like facebook or some social media type of shit

  • Cool That You Can Comment Through Twitter Though

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    I’m sick of people complaining about the new format.

    This is progress you clowns need to learn to adapt.

    • TheBoxcarHobo

      Who you calling a clown champ?

      If more people hate than love it, how is it progress?

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    Yeah I saw they were deleting comments…sad

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  • smh

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  • $17637591

    Thats reaching to think Chris Lighty is dissing 50 cent. DETROIT HARD HEADZ

  • Guest

    oh i guess cuz that niggah EL was clowning how small the avi’s looked – is the reason they look a whole helluva lot bigger

    • Can’t front though , the big avi is an improvement.
      I guess upgrade will spread the site over twitter , yahoo, facebook, etc?

      • Guest

        yeah ‘least they stepped they AVI game up

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    I didn’t use to comment much before but this new format is garbage. Get rid of off of the white in the background for real…I mean who seriously designed the new website? Piss Poor to keep it real. Am all for change and what not but yall dropped the ball…stop tryna be like other websites and be ALL HIP HOP..

    And get some real rumors for once….

  • alreadyknow

    yeah this site gone take some getting use to. . .

    yall i seen shorty red in the Atl. . ..i didnt even know he was out of jail. .. remember the murder case?

    says he got some lawyers on it. . .

    did any of yall see kimbo slice get knocked out in record time. . .white boy gave him a  EYE JAMMIE

    • Kimbo got knocked out again?

      The Pac sex tape ain’t gonna sell. That $hyt is played out!
      If anything , should have sold it when he was in hospital?????
      Either way , can’t imagine any one wanting to see it , let alone pay 4 it…

      • Guest

        e dogz said: “cant imagine anyone wanting to see it…”

        man let them FEMALES speak for themselves … as MEN we shouldn’t even discuss this topic!

      • Guest

        oh and i need you to resend that link to SPOOK THAT SAT BY THE DOOR
        i couldnt get that 1st one to play –

      • StreetMediaZone

        hey friend how are you 

      • alreadyknow

        naw man i had that messed up. i was watching some old footage..

      • StreetMediaZone

        hey edog sup homie
        hit me up i got a few ideas i need for you to hear

  • Guest

    yall gotta hit that STRAIGHTFROMTHEA.COM and catch up on this niggah ROSS putting pressure on this niggah JEEZY … lol



                (__)       )/
                          (  REAL )
                                    (  REAL )
                                               ( TALK  )

  • Ross n Jeezy suck Jigga dick…

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  • YaheardSyndicate

    To Me The New design is way better, and plus, yall didnt even have accounts before

  • King Cold

    Wouldn’t be surprised if she was fakin.smh

    Pac another cotdamn!!!!!

    I didn’t even hear about the tribute so that’s sad

    Still STC

  • StreetMediaZone

    sup edog i like what you did wit tha site

  • Guest

    erased that niggah retarded (smz) azz comments quick

  • scullyson

    Who in their rabbit *** mind let street media back in hur?!   lmao

  • financee? wow… how about you hire writers that know how to spell. i think the word you’re looking for is “fiance.” you don’t have spell check?