Eminem Ft. Yelawolf, Slaughterhouse “BET Cypher 2011”

[ahh_audio src=/10-12-11/EminemftYelawolfSlaughterhouse.mp3]

  • Em just answered the question of who is the Best Rapper Alive !  (He won me over, because before I would’ve said Jay or Lil Wayne…but those dudes couldn’t hardly see this cat !)

    • IcarianHeights

      Jay or Lil Wayne huh?… haha… but *now* you convinced it’s Em huh?…. smh…. offa *one* “freestyle” session…. smh….you get my “wtf?” moment of the day…

  • anemia716

    Yela, Ortiz and Royce stuck out to me the most.

  • SteveRaze

    Joell, Joey and Em did DAMAGE!

  • SteveRaze

    Joell, Joey and Em did DAMAGE!

  • People always questions Em about his content, or his beat selection or his collaborators or whatever, all that is just opinionated preference talkin………… But put that boy in a cypher and he always rips it, in 09 during one of his most criticized years he stood toe to toe with Black Thought and Mos Def, this year he goes in With Slaughterhouse and arguably had the best performance……… Skills speak for themselves in a cypher and Em smacks the haters in the face every time he enters one

    Shouts out to Everyone on this tho because nobody came weak, even Yelawolf who I’m not a big fan of surprised me and stayed in the game, nobody slouched in that cypher

  • lifer413

    poor yelawolf! on any other cypher he would have dominated with that verse! joey budden… the more time in the game he gets the more ridiculous his flow becomes. ortiz was devastating. em started off okay but built up to the craziest shit of all. none of the other cyphers are fucking with shady 2.0 at all. Luda, busta, skillz… those cats were all dope. but there was alot of lame shit this year. Maybach music? really? god, that was awful. nice to see the return of the lady of rage.

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  • eminem is the best rapper alive.period.just listen to his lyrics man, you cant hate on it

  • Michael Keith Brisciano

    I dunno. I like Em and all. But I don’t think he’s the best. He had a couple VERY strong lines. But the rest was just him jumbling around short syllabic phrases, nothing new from him. He’s not wack… just to me it’s no surprise the topics he writes on. He is too involved with pop culture. To me it got good during and after when he said “I’d be a horrible magician” etc…….sloppy trying to rhyme adidas with penis… that rant about yelawolf drinking blah blah… weak..casey anthony part was weak.. people act like everything he does is like gold. Like he will start rappin all crazy sounding belligerent as hell but he’s tlaking about some crappy pop culture references or something a lot of times. I dunno, I agree that Royce, Yela, and Ortiz stood out the most… In my opinion Kendrick Lamar could have ate them all up but he acted all humble and didn’t wanna stand out.

  • IcarianHeights

    damn… yela and buddens kilt it…

    royce starting to bore me a little with his flow… i don’t know why… but he just do now…

    and Em?…. smh… well at least he actually *trying* again…. but that’s just it… he has to *try* now… before the drugs it used to be *effortless* for him…

  • Terrell Luster

    Of all the cyphers, Busta had the best verse, yelawollf and em are just a bunch of words that kinda go together. Futhermore, em IS NOT the best rapper, he is still saying the same shit he was saying back in 2000. If all those white middle class kids werent buying his cd, he would be out like pimp juice