AllHipHop: We’re Not Them


I feel the need to set the record (somewhat) straight – once and for all. Bear with me.

The phone calls and e-mails have been popping off all week: “It’s a travesty! Who are they kidding? What in the…???”

People. Thank you. But, calm down. It’s all good.

You see, AllHipHop is many things. But we’re not them.

We’re not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. But we’re dedicated. We don’t do a lot of bragging and boasting. But frankly, we’re the original. We trot the globe, parlay with Hip-Hop greats, and break global news stories.

We’re everywhere. And real talk? They’re NEVER there.

In 2011 alone:

• We’re repping the AllHipHop brand (and Hip-Hop culture) on four continents, including North America, Africa, Europe, and South America.

• We’ve been invited to the White House four times to help President Obama reach YOU as an audience more effectively.

• We hosted an event on “State of the Union Address” night in D.C. that brought together some of the country’s most brilliant, young political minds to consider the pressing issues of our time.

• We’ve brought rap industry vets, renowned scholars, and community activists together in Newark, NJ, Wilmington, DE, Harlem, NY, and Baltimore, MD to speak directly to youth who need our guidance.

• We’ve spoken on countless panels, been profiled in award-winning documentaries, judged battles and Freestyle Fridays, and been featured in several national/global magazines & websites.

• We broke the biggest Hip-Hop news story of the year – an exclusive confession to the 1994 Tupac shooting, now being investigated by the NYPD.

• We’ve dined with royalty in Morocco, North Africa, while there to cover Kanye West’s and legends like Quincy Jones’ performances during the country’s turbulent revolution.

• We’ve interviewed the likes of Rev. Jesse Jackson, Chuck D, Jay-Z, Don King, and the list of icons goes on.

• We hosted the most talked about and praised Notorious B.I.G. tribute event in New York City since his tragic death.

• We relaunched just last week with a dynamic new platform that includes more multi-media content and increased user interaction.

• Oh, and MTV, BET, VH1, and the rest of Viacom, and even most of NBC/Universal? We’ve done that, too.

I say all of that to say awards and accolades don’t mean a great deal…when you genuinely know your impact and purpose on the planet.

We also know the Internet is a powerful tool. It allows AllHipHop to shine a bright spotlight on this underdog sub-culture called Hip-Hop – its sacrifices, realities, triumphs, rebelliousness, grime, and all – for the rest of the planet to see.

The Internet also gives us the opportunity (and responsibility) to reach millions of people with a message and a voice. Unlike some others, we simply choose to use ours wisely.

There are just certain things you’re not going to see on AllHipHop – and you never will. There are certain images we’ll never broadcast, and certain exploitations we’ll never choose to profit from.

To compare us to them is like comparing apples to oranges.

You see…

We’re just a small team of independently owned, grinding, hustling-hard Hip-Hop kids who love what we do. And for 13 years, we’ve loved doing it for you, so thanks for the support. That’s what matters.

We’re not them. We never will be. We’re absolutely fine with that.

To the (All) Hip-Hop, we won’t stop. Seandra Sims is’s Managing Editor. Follow her on Twitter at @seandrasims.

  • TheBoxcarHobo

    Well damn!


    Now with all that said.

    Lets talk about or discuss the way, allhiphop
    Is damaging and killing this thang of ours.!!!!!!!!!

    Smh where do yall rank in the good ole payola dept??????

    Lets discuss the real issues….. Here or are you guys going to ban me again.

    Lets talk about illcoon fee to get a write up
    In the rumor page.

    Are yall doing it for the love, or to increase yall net worth.

    After all a niggah/niggahete gotta eat right?????

    Independent okay, i give yall that.

    But i am sure yall sponsor rule yall decision making with an iron first.

    Get off the high horse, yall are helping
    Destroying it, not keeping it afloat……

    Yours truly


    Ceo & co-founder of STC.

  • Carlton Jordan

    damn straight!!

  • Damn El………

  • @EL_BARK:disqus I am the Lion that will bark your ass right up in that tree over there. Don’t chime in to mess up a good article that makes damn good sense. One Love Peace.

  • ladynamor

    dont forget to add that you changed your format so noone can respond in your comments negatively or at least against what you are paid to try and portray as true…..

  • Breakdabars

    Is this article really to brag on what you’ve did, this seems kind of immature. I mean remember this is the same site that most likely take money for wack artist and groupies and give them new coverage. This is the same site that cover black and other races who disrespect the hip hop culture. I would respect you if you talked about the good with the bad.