Bow Wow Ft. Lil Wayne “Sweat”

[ahh_audio src=/10-14-11/BowWowftLilWayne-Sweat.mp3]

  • y everybody wanna rap like weezy? lol i guess he think he is weezy…bow weezy yung weezy…lol is both fuckin baby…lol weezy f and weezy f2

  • I love everything about Bow wow. i love his music. i named my son after him. He is a legend. he is still a star and will always be. Bow wow is getting paid no matter if he sound like Wayne or not. Wayne is hot and Bow wow is hot he is still the price; he is going to come back hard becuz he is with the right label.

  • Larry ‘Loyal’ Hume

    homie has been around so long, you gotta change up to stay relevant in the game, even wayne changed up to get where he at today.