Hip-Hop Rumors: Nore Dead? Gadhafi Alive?


What is the world coming to? I woke up today and found out that there are rumors of life and death about Nore (the rapper) and Moammar Gadhafi (the leader of Libya).

Well let’s get to the first part – THE RAPPER. You know most of us don’t care about that BS international news that really affects us. Apparently, rumors swirled around about Nore being dead today. But why? I don’t know, but it seems the viral gossip circuit momentarily killed Nore off because of some confusion around one of his friends. A friend of Nore’s sadly died and people got it mixed up. So, Nore is alive and well in Miami in mourning. At least we aren’t mourning him this morning.

Now to the REAL NEWS….

Per CNN, Moammar Gadhafi has apparently been slain in some attack. He may be captured, but CNN has said that they, as a company, cannot quite verify if he has been killed. Here is what they are saying now:

Rebels said Moammar Gadhafi was killed when fighters attacked the house where he was Thursday, National Transitional Council (NTC) Information Minister Mahmoud Shamman told CNN. “He tried to flee and they killed him. When they met him, he was alive and he was killed in action,” Shamman said. Shamman said the NTC’s chairman or prime minister will officially confirm the death.

The minister of information of Libya said, “”He tried to flee and they killed him. When they met him, he was alive and he was killed in action.”

Click here for a play by play on CNN, because I am already hearing that he was wounded, not KILLED.

Hmph….what do you think of this? I know my boy ED OGz will have something to say.

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  • Baby_Bluez

    CNN – the medium for chaos and American arrogance…

  • therealest1

    Moammar Gadhafi has been killed! That piece of shit is dead y’all! His 42 year reign of terror is over! ITS OVER, BBIIIIIIIIIIITCH!

  • I think now his oil is up for grabs , but like in Iraq , China will win the bidding , because as a country , it’s oil companies can meet & exceed any offers set by the international community & China really needs the oil.

    IE: If exxon offers $30 Billion , China can offer $30Billion & 2 Jet fighters.
    Being that China owns it’s private? oil companies , they have a few advantages over a company that is publicly traded on Nasdaq , with shareholders they are accountable to.

    A Chinese dude told an America…” America is smart , they fight all their wars off their soil!” ….to which the American replied ” China is smarter , because it lets us fight the wars while it focuses on the world’s economy. ”

    Still , was  good run for Qaddafi , with NATO on his top , I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did.
    He was jacked. Plain & simple & Iran or Venezuela will be next.
    Probably Iran , because they are surrounded by U.S. forces. Venezuela will probably be next , unless oil is found in Africa. ( Uganda? )

    If so , expect Obama to continue his invasion of Africa & Hip Hop / Black People in general to co-sign his attacks on Africa because of his “African – American ” /skin color. ( The reason he was selected in the 1st place )

    I mean , it’s not like Bush or McSame would get the same co-signs if they invaded Africa.

    ” Political ” – M.U. tha Don

    ( Real Hip Hop in Effect )

  • P.S.:
    Yo! ILLSEED , do me a favor & tell Seandra Sims that I wasn’t trying to son her or her whole article:
    Real Revolution? – Occupy Your Own Street

    Even if it appears to have come off that way , I was actually trying to help her get it right.

  • King Cold

    Condolences go to Nore and the folks that were effected by his friend’s death. As for Gadhafi….stay strapped and wear a vest. Don’t believe he’s dead thom

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  • StreetMediaZone

    i care more about gadaffis’ death than nore……real talk

  • america is straight jackin fools. first iraq now libya, wats next????better give up your oil asap or they sending them boys after ya.

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