gucci mane



I mean, this dude has been in an out of the bing so many times, I cannot keep count. BUT, the other day Waka tweeted that Gucci was a free man! What do you make of this?:

I just noticed Gucci has “EA” tatted under his chin.

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  • ea stands 4 east atl

    • Considering the ice cream cone with 3 lightning bolts & other dumb $hyt he put on his face…I thought E.A. stood for ” E.A.  Sports ( It’s In The Game ) ”
      ( Video Game $hyt )

      >>> E – ShrugZ like ICH

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  • SYN

    Great.  Now he’s out to infect the listening world with his ignorant, crappy music.  BTW, that is the EA Sports logo on his neck.   He’s a bigger idiot than I thought

  • EA could be for East Atlanta…Welcome Home Gucci

  • Dre Thompson

    i hope gucci is home his early stuff from 05 – mr zone 6 was cold and that ferrari boyz but to me gucci kinda lost it when he thought he made it mainstream he started making pop records and it asnt working plus going to jail every six months will mess up anyone career hope he can work through that.

  • Realist4200

    EA – East Atlanta….. Still jacked the EA Games logo either way tho. It’s not that bad considering he has a motherf#cking ice cream cone on his cheek. smfh.

  • kharen0017

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  • King Cold

    Good to see the brotha back. Hope he straightens up like Luda told him to do.


  • 74MajeedEL11

    EA is for East Atlanta for whoever doesn’t know that duh that is where he is from come on you guys stop being stuppid

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