Time To Occupy Hip-Hop

“Y’all been eatin’ long enough now, stop bein’ greedy
  Just keep it real potna, give to the needy”

                                             ” Stop Being Greedy” -DMX

One morning last month, tired of the state of corporate-owned Hip Hop, a small group of people gathered in front of Intergalactic Records with picket signs saying “Hip Hop Sucks!”  That night, a DJ rolled up with some old school Kool Herc-type speakers and started blastin’ classic, underground Hip Hop, shaking the walls of the building. The movement has since spread like wildfire across the country as thousands of disgruntled former Hip Hop fans have begun gathering at radio stations across the country yelling “Give Hip Hop back to the 99%!”

Think this can’t happen? Think again.

With the Occupy Wall Street Movement in full swing, it is only a matter of time before somebody asks the question that will spark the rap revolution.

“Hey, don’t those 1 per centers also control the entertainment industry ?”

I think that I can safely say that 99% of the people reading this are fed up with the current state of Hip Hop and are ready to take it back from the 1% that are controlling the direction of the culture. There are only a hand full of major record labels (Sony, EMI , Warner and Universal) most of the radio stations are either owned by Clear Chanel or Radio-One and the major music video programs are all controlled by one company; Viacom. This explains why the same five Hip Hop artists are being played over and over again.

Without a doubt, Hip Hop is one of the most lucrative commodities on the planet and generates billions of dollars, annually, not only for entertainment companies but also  for the other Big Willie corporations that the Occupy Wall Street warriors are fighting against. Also, it can be argued that, unlike many of the resident Wall Street tycoons, the entertainment industry moguls are most dependent on “the streets” for their economic survival, making them the most vulnerable to successful protests.

In his book, “Black Labor, White Wealth,” Dr. Claud Anderson wrote that ” black music is the basis for one of the world’s wealthiest industries.” He also argues that “the historic exploitation of black music and other art forms provides a strong philosophical reason to target these industries as visible examples of a new black economic agenda.”

So, the question becomes not whether an “Occupy Hip Hop” movement will happen but why it hasn’t happened yet.

To jack that famous line from Public Enemy, ” the reasons are several, most of them federal.”

It has been reported that Hip Hop was one of the major motivating factors in the “Arab Spring” uprisings, as it captured the frustrations of the youth overseas. While the average person in the US may not fully grasp the international power of Hip Hop, the government has long recognized the tremendous influence that entertainers have globally: a power that they are not willing to let fall into the ” wrong hands.”

According to Dr. Penny Von Eschen in her book,  “Race Against Empire,” during the 1950’s the US State Department set up “Cultural Affairs, Psychological Warfare and Propaganda” programs to control Uncle Sam’s international image. According to Von Eschen, the State Department recruited entertainers from jazz musicians to the Harlem Globetrotters to travel the globe proving to the world that living in America wasn’t that bad.

This is why, even today, despite poverty and record high unemployment, the Feds still need the image of millionaire Hip Hop artists destroying $300,000 cars in videos and throwing up hundred dollar bills in the clubs beamed to every country on Earth. Despite what the Occupy Wall Street “whiners” are crying about on CNN, the Feds need to project the international image that all is still good in the ‘hood.

Another reason why Hip Hop has not been occupied is that the people who you would think would be on the front line fightin’ the power are actually part of the power structure. Despite the revolutionary rhetoric of even some of the most socially conscious Hip Hop writers and artists, they are still trapped in the corporate matrix and aren’t really gonna spark the Gil Scott-Heron “Revolution that Will Not be Televised” or heard on the radio. Like most folks, they are just tryin’ to eat and they ain’t gonna go back to eatin’ Oodles of Noodles for dinner for none of ya’ll.

But then you have that pesky 5% at the bottom of the oppressed 99% ladder who really want to see complete constructive change and are willing to do any and everything to get it. Even if it means camping out in front of the Hot 99.9 station and starting a bonfire with Rick Ross cd’s and Lil Wayne posters. These are the ones who will put Hip Hop back in the hands of the people .

I know that I speak for the rest of the 99% when I say, “Enough of the Maybach music. It’s time for some “payback” music!

TRUTH Minista Paul Scott represents the Militant Mind Militia. He can be reached at or militantmindmilitia@gmail.com Website http://www.militantmindmilitia.com
  • TheBoxcarHobo


  • While I can appreciate the passion and thinking behind this, to try and compare hip hop’s current state to the economy is a bit of a stretch. Mainstream hip hop sucks, no doubt about that, but we’re not “forced” to listen to anything, if I don’t want to hear it, I don’t have to. Nobody can just tune out the economy, we’re stuck facing it, which is why those who have had enough finally got pushed over the edge and started protesting. A hip hop version of the 99% will only happen when corporations block out our good music and literally force us to listen to bullshit. Soulja Boy selling 14,000 in a week on his last album vs Tech N9ne selling 59,000 and Cole selling 215,000 is proof that we can do whatever we want with music, we just don’t do it.

    • TheBoxcarHobo

      I feel what you’re sayin bro but imagine if these artist got the same support from mainstream media that Wayne does…in a sense we are being forced b/c its on tv and the radio all day every day. I can’t think of one instance where I heard Tech N9ne on the radio but I bet if I turn mine on right now I’ll hear lil Wayne within 5 minutes.

      • Luis Alicea

        There is a strong hold on Hip Hop Mainstream and has been for years.   Not only is lot of “quality lyric” music is not out now but the Price to get Advertised to the mainstream must be really expensive to get in a slot with the glorified rap crap thats out now.   I’ll tell you what, this sentence quote from the article above makes you think of a couple of past rappers     BIGGIE,/  Tupac.    ” While the average person in the US may not fully grasp the international power of Hip Hop, the government has long recognized the tremendous influence that entertainers have globally: a power that they are not willing to let fall into the ” wrong hands.”       I’ll let that one marinate in the brain

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

         wayne is like on album #900 it took him to release 75% of those albums and to collab with 5 million artist to even reach that status …….. he had to fight his ass off for that position it just wasnt giving to him and he always didnt have it ….. and the proof is in the fact that wayne has been here a longggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg time remember wobbly wobbly drop it like it hot …… think about it 😉

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       cosiggy 😉

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  • Aaron Davis

    Hip-Hop just like every other business, is a $ game. The Labels generating the most profit, will have their artists in the media(mainstream) such as Cash Money, Def Jam, Sony etc..An artist only has so much power and honestly the new wave of Emcee’s just arent strong enough to carry this Culture the way people want them to. The 2000’s brought u Ludacris, Eminem, 50 Cent, T.I., Kanye West, Jadakiss,Fabolous, The Game, DMX, Bow Wow, Nelly all whom had a grip on Hip-Hop and were taking it all across America and around the world. I’d say after 2005, the vets spent time enjoying their $ and left the crown and spotlight open for people like Lil Wayne. Once a rapper reaches the success they’ve always wanted, their lyrical content diminishes and it all turns into corporate or mainstream music becuz even if it sux, u can grab a good singer to sing your hook…Labels arent signing the right artists soon enough and only wanna make a profit..We might go through the year of 2011w/out one classic (or even an arguable) classic albulm. That speaks to the way artist/labels r handling their music and the amount of effort they put into it

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       so how do you explain an j cole or an kendrick lemar or an stalley who is with MMG …. ijs the tides are changing and there are alot of up coming kids speaking the truth ……………. 😉

      • Aaron Davis

        not talking about rappers “speaking truth” my point is that the rappers who are in the spotlight or mainstream, arent putting out quality records..Kendrick Lamar sold how many records? has how many billboard songs? how many of his videos are on MTV? J.Cole is making it big but thats like one rapper who has mainstream/lyrical music. Think of all those rappers I listed that not only cud make mainstream music but street/real hip-hop music. They were all different and didnt just appear to a few people but the masses too…MMG will always be under Rick Ross so they have that advantage. He’s a big rapper in the mainstream

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  • Breakdabars

    I love this article, hip hop has definitively went down hill. I do hope this movement catch on because it’s a lot of people making fun and using the culture of hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    I am going to promote this idea on Facebook, because I think it is an excellent one. The corporate exploitation of hip hop music and culture dovetails nicely with all of the protests happening around the country, and if hip hop heads join the fight, bringing energy, diversity and hopefully sufficient tolerance, it would be a very positive thing.

  • >>>>Sends Truth Minista Paul Scott a bill for my new flat screen monitor he just fried with this article!

    (Propz to The Truth Minista for writing this & AHH for having the ballz to feature it! )
    Would love to see more of the Truth Minista’s thoughtful articles on AHH. It’s stuff like this that makes AHH the #1 Hip Hop site.

    Side Note:
    Get some Jasiri X on here as well , I know AHH staff got the pull to make it happen. Trust me , AHH got the power to do anything in Hip Hop , except get into the White , er , W hotel in Atlanta , during the event that they paid for.
    ( That was fugged up! >>>At W hotel in Atl. )

    >>>>>On to the article:
    Rap Revolution 101:
    Hip Hop Agents – Truth Minista Paul $cout

    ( No Warning shots fired ) >>> Them $hyt’s is all direct hits!!

    Political – M.U.tha Don

    ( Local artist from the Rumors section ) ^^^^^^

    Music has always been the heart of any struggle. Look at Vietnam , every song , poem or artwork was geared toward liberation.
    Contrast that with mainstream music that promotes drug use , self degradation & well….for lack of a better word: ” COONERY ”

    >>>>Fat shouts to STC!
    “Stop The Cooning! ”
    ( For old time sake’s ….not sure who the box car hobo used to be …but he is from the old board….he gave it away with : ” Chuuuuch! ” Hhahahahahaha! )

    You are what you eat. Physically or mentally. Garbage goes in , garbage comes out.
    ( Pus$y too )

    Take 2 kids & from before they traveled down to daddy’s nutsack , up until old age , they are fed a steady diet of Dik Fawlse’s ( Maywack Music Group ) ” Everyday I’m Hustling ” & every other fake drug dealer rap ( Drug dealers don’t rap….they quit once they have a way to survive comfortably , in an economic sense. ( RAP ) & take another kid & read him nothing but the Wall Street Journal type $hyt , for the same duration  ….which kid is more likely to be moaning & growing about a luxury tax on his Benz going up & which one will be more likely to moan & grown about his prison conditions?

    Prime example , Truth minista borrowed Chuck D’s ( The D is for “DANGEROUS” ) line:
    ” The Reasons are several , most of them federal…”  how many under 30yrs old knew str8 off the muscle that it came from :

    Black Steel In the Hour of Chaos

    Any more than they knew what followed:
    ” Here is a land that never gave a damn…about a brother like me & myself because they never did. I wasn’t with it , but just that very minute it… occurred to me , the suckas had authority.”

    Let alone that it was told from the prospective of a political prisoner….representing one of many. technically speaking , at least the %72 of all long term federal inmates locked up for nonviolent drug & gun offenses.
    Not counting the one’s who are actually political prisoners by any definition….that haven’t even broken a law.

    Revolutions are bloody. Qadaffi , Saddam , etc. along with the millions who don’t get mentioned.
    Black Revolution is a joke to the powers that be because it will never go beyond burning & looting our own area.
    Cuz all they gotta do is shut down the grocery store & then what? 
    Average ni99a couldn’t grow a tomato , let alone turn cotton into clothes. Make toilet paper.

     So in the end? WTF? You still gonna end up a sucker , so smart thinking saves the energy. Inner soul says ” Fugg it! Better to go out swinging than quitting…hence the inner war that we fight inside every day.

    Revolution starts with one’s self , mentally , as the quest for knowledge grows , so does the desire to change. Processing information. Learning.

    So with the powers that be controlling the media & entertainment…the subliminal mental programming will be as detrimental as slavery ….even more so , because mentally slavery is worse.

    The difference between the Jewish Holocaust & America’s Black Holocaust ( >>>>which continues )

    Is that the Jews died “WHOLE” , knowing who they were , vs the blacks who died & live stripped of there core.
    Willie Lynch Letter ( Not saying if it’s real or fake …I’mjustsayin )

    Two things a man should never pay for : Water & Pu$sy …cuz GOD put enough on here to be free.
    Religion shouldn’t cost either , let alone food , shelter & clothing …..& it doesn’t , if you go out get it , or make it the right way.

    Any other way , you already lost , even if you don’t feel it.

    I’m EDOGZ818 & I support Truth Minista Paul Scott!
    >>>>>This message was brought to you by $chool ‘Em $aturdays , in ILLSEED’s RUMORS section on All Hip Hop.

    >>>>>Presidential Music plays / Hands soap Box back to Triple P

    Follow me on twitter!

    ” But you don’t Tweet! ” >>>>Angry protester shouts!

    >>>Replies : ” Ohhhh! I forgot! ” 
    >>> Steps away from the keyboard

    • TheBoxcarHobo

      EDOG I always been boxcarhobo, never had any other account, been checkin AHH since waaaay back in the early 2000s and had this screen name since 08-09 I think…I just never used to comment much.




  • ladynamor

    Underground movements have been saying this for like 5 years now c’mon now. Hip Hop Gods, The Back Door, Raw Beat Mafia, this is nothing new really. People just hated on it in the past because they wanted to be the elite themselves. Now that they know they may never be as rich as the people who bragged on cd’s to make money, they mad. Should have supported the underground when rappers started bragging about materials in the beginning, we knew what it would come to. Invest your time in the Underground and you will hear real hip hop. Follow the media and you will see people TALKING about ” What happened to real hip hop”?

    • bs_hater1

      I agree. We needed an occupy movement for hip-hop 10 years ago. I can’t believe how some people act like mainstream hip hop just went to shit yesterday. I ain’t listened to the radio in years. I been sick of hearing the same 5 to 10 artist on rotation all day

  • bIG uPZ tYBO!
    Good looking on all the info you share!

    ” Another reason why Hip Hop has not been occupied is that the people who you would think would be on the front line fightin’ the power are actually part of the power structure. Despite the revolutionary rhetoric of even some of the most socially conscious Hip Hop writers and artists, they are still trapped in the corporate matrix and aren’t really gonna spark the Gil Scott-Heron “Revolution that Will Not be Televised” or heard on the radio. Like most folks, they are just tryin’ to eat and they ain’t gonna go back to eatin’ Oodles of Noodles for dinner for none of ya’ll.” …Truth Minista

    I agree , but since I’m still eating Oddle of noodle , I got nothing to lose going hard with $E$!
    Support it!
    ” ChuUUUCH!”

    At BoxCar:
    ( Kevin Hart Voice ) : Alright! Alright! AlllllllRiyayiGHTTTTTTT!
    Knew you were from the old board!

  • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

     Hahhahaha hip hop was never ruined by external forces. Hip Hop isn’t a country. Hip Hop is a bunch of people doing music and participating in a culture. No corporation is to blame for Soulja Boi making the music he makes or Lil Wayne selling a million copies of drunk puns. You know how you occupy some shit? Listen to underground hip hop. It’s still there. It never left. And if you start doing that and it’s still not selling… Then you’re not actually 99%.

  • At WMDimes:
    People use the term Hip Hop & rap interchangeably , like they interchange & they don’t , any more than the term Clip / Magazine with gats, roscoes, toast , etc.

    Hip Hop is something you are or do , what you represent.
    Rap is commercialized Hip Hop , driven by profit.
    ( Sales )

    IE: Miley Ray Sirus would be the best rapper ever , if her rap record sold 50 million copies …..even if every single one was for a surburbian soccer mom or a write off for some big corporation , washing money & giving them $hyts out like weed plates like a free promo …with %99.9 of them tossed in the nearest trash can.

    Hip hop is that beat being banged out , bare handed , on the wall of a pissy staircase , park bench or desk at school , or spit with no beat , in the shower alone.

    Nothing can stop that , but RAP is being used as a tool for pre-programming an oppressed people & that is the force that is being addressed.

    ( But Yeah , C0-Signing what you said )

    • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      That’s a good point. I guess what I was trying to get at is, in the case of hip hop an culture and all that… we are the 1%. All that garbage rap and the cheap culture cash-ins, that’s pop culture. Everyone is doing that and loving it. They’re the 99%. It’s the divide between art/culture and showbiz. These don’t check sites like these, or care about anything. So the whole “us vs. them” argument is kind of depressing because it’s that 1% that listens to Tech N9ne and everyone else is on “How to Love.”

  • EG

    Nice piece, but i found it funny no names where used in the article. The masses already know Jay, Wayne and Ricky Ross got other agendas, in the bed with the enemy per say.
    The next generation gone be a bunch of chain wearing, disrespectful uneducated people…and I wont put it all on the three named above but I know  in they mind they know they are not carrying the TORCH/Dream of generations before but the complete oposite, destroyiing and distorting everything the generations before fought for.
    #CHU-CH! (church)

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  • WMD:

    Hip Hop’s only issue with mainstream is that it ( RAP ) is portraying itself as Hip Hop.
    6 Jewish Companies control %96 of the media / entertainment industry , that is why the music on the radia sux a$s sweat & people who watch the news are really lost.

    You can always tell the difference between a self educated person & a formally educated one.
    The school system is designed to turn out good workers, not good thinkers.

    The mainstream news outlets only present 1 pt of view.
    Look at the Iraq “WAR” , you never hear about the perspective of the Iraqi who had a missile dropped on his crib.

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  • Come on.

    This article on a site names All Hip-Hop dot com.

    This site alone is a failure of sleepy and lazy brothers.

    When does AHH cover any DJ events, Graffiti, B-Boying.

    Even rap does get rare coverage.

    All that is happening is giving a platform to those who
    are already overexposed.

    A video Hoe gets more love on AHH Than anything Hip-Hop.

    But then y6ou guys try to whitewash yourselves by adding
    editorials that are actually good reads like this one,

    but won’t change anything as long as you are guilty by
    promoting the other shit on your site.

    And I don’t even mean continuous Articles about Top 5
    rappers. I mean I can’t knock a brother making money.

    But don’t sell out your pride for a quick buck.

    Time to think long term otherwise the plug is gonna
    be pulled sooner than later

    And as Edogz says rightly.

    Rap and Hip-Hop are not the same thing..

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  • People keep saying “real recognize real” but fail to realize, what some see as real (wack mainstreen pop rappers) others recognize as fake. Now getting them to see that is one hell of a climb. At the end of the day blame the consumer not the pusher. Because HIP HOP is out here, it was never dead, no one stopped making it – people stopped supporting it —-  but who’s listening  to it but 1%…..and thats the sad truth,

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