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Hip-Hop Rumors: A$AP Rocky Trashes Fader Fort! Odd Future Beef?


A$AP Rocky is a rapper from Harlem that has been getting a nice lil’ underground buzz and just signed under RCA recently. But, he may have made a huge mistake during CMJ. The dude spazzed out at the Fader Fort! Peep the video….


Apparently, the guys of Odd Future are quietly not feeling A$AP Rocky and refer to him as “A$AP COPY.” Real talk, I don’t know none of their music. I googled, and this is the first song that came up. Is Odd Future hating, or is this A$AP fella biting?

Sounds like a Southern rapper to me that uses the word “Swag” a lot. What do I know? Nothing.

  • gootroop



  • NorthDollasTX

    dayum ROCKY on the SOUF DYCK … ASAP!!!

  • TheBoxcarHobo

    Dont seem like he spazzed to me, and I don’t know if he’s biting but he sure is garbage that’s for sure.

  • ExcLuCity514

    AHH staff.. Get out of the rumor section !!!!!!!!

  • 1King_Keef11

    LOL at the dude giving him a ride on the bike. they both got they shirts off, dude mouth is literallly on ASAP’s back..  SMH

    • 1King_Keef11

      OH yeah, so now so called underground dudes from NY are trying to sound like down south rappers??? WTH? i read an article the other day mannie Fresh said when he goes to NY to DJ they dont even want to hear NY shit they only want to hear down south shit.. WTH?? say it aint so NY

      • New York City is fucked up right now that is why i plan on leaving the shit fell off

      • NorthDollasTX

        say I trade you ASAP ROCKY and FRENCH MONTANA both for FRED DA GOD SON and we can call it EVEN lol

      • mike malarkey

        these niggas blocked my comment smh

      • mike malarkey

        Its true. Ny clubs play ALOT of down south in the clubs

      • NorthDollasTX

        thas cuz THE SOUF RUNNIN THIS BYTCH lol
        *waiting for a niggah to start hating*

      • mike malarkey

         this nigga rocky asap talkin bout trill and sippin purple robotussin and rockin a trenchcoat and raiders snapback with a mouth full a golds like he lil b or from the west coast smh

  • smokewinston100s


  • NorthDollasTX


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  • NorthDollasTX

    “blog blockin”

  • King Cold

    Lmao. Spammers still up in here runnin around doin fuckery. Smh

  • D_hiloh


  • D_hiloh

    extra boo

  • D_hiloh

    Boo x 100 trillion

  • Keith Brickz

    this cat is a disgrace to new york…fuck outta here…move down south…you’ll still be trash even to southern cats but at least you’ll fit in with ur gay ass

  • Keith Brickz

    wtf is wrong with that weirdo with the purple mark on his face…take that shit somewhere else nobody wanna see that shit

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  • im confused if he a NY rapper why does he look and sound southern. This video has me scratching my head the whole time.

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  • Royal_Chiefa

    Bitin on Odd from what I’ve heard from Odd Future..This cat bitin hard on the Texas sound tho..I aint never heard a east coast cat bite hard off the South..thought that was unheard of….

    • way2real77

      They talking bout how he say swag alot….if you listen to oddfuture shit they say it a million times lol…them niggas be clownin tho…this nigga right here…I think he serious lmfao

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