Hip-Hop Rumors: B.O.B. TO JUDGE WEED ‘FEST?


From what I have been hearing, BoB will be a judge in the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup. This is some kind of weed festival that happens the same week most of us celebrate Thanksgiving. I mean, I guess that is a big deal in the world of weed. B.o.B. also has a song with Andre 3000 called “Play The Guitar” that might be song of the year next year!


A 69-year-old Muammar Gaddafi got no slack and now it is rumored that his son was basically executed by the new regime – after being alive in captivity. Warning the video footage is graphic. He’s alive and then he’s dead in this video.

And peep this ill pic of Gaddafi and Canibus, I mean Nelson Mandela. What’s my brain doing???? Anyway, Nelson and Gaddafi seem to be holding hands in this pic, which was taken in 2001. Sheesh!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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  • Qadaffi & Mandela were close ….PAUSE , and this brings into question the legitimacy of the new Libyan government if they committed War Crimes the day that they took power. Qadaffi was gun butted , shot & put on public display , totally against Islamic & any other customs , & it seems like they were killed after surrendering.

    Now granted the rebels were mad at whatever & feel that NATO & it’s accompanied big corporations are better suited to run the African nation , they should have treated the man who provided them with free housing , education & medical along with a share of the nations oil wealth a little better & stayed the hand of vengeance for a trial & justice…if that was what they wanted..

    True supremacy reflects the law & the power to chose between when it’s amended , enforced or suspended. 
    Seems like the real reason for the war was more about oil & Libya switching to a gold standard or different currency than the U.S. dollar , like when Sadaam Huessien switch to the euro …. & was then invaded for non existent WMD’s.

    Oil is not an infinite resource & events suggest a foreseen shortage.

    • NorthDollasTX

      US i mean WE i mean THEY pushing that agenda huh?
      the ALMIGHTY US DOLLAR lol

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