Ludacris Ft. Big KRIT “I’m On Fire”

[ahh_audio src=/10-26-11/LudacrisftBigKRIT-ImOnFire.mp3]

  • Richard89676

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  • Smooth track… too much bragging though.

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  • I love Luda…but Krit saved this track. He came in just in time to keep it interesting. It was getting a lil boring.

  • clovaG clovaG

    Luda need 2 rap like old luda

  • thefalkon

    Luda raps too much like a combination of Rick Ross and Drake in this track.


    I see all these washed up down south rappers done ran and jumped on K.R.I.T’s dick!

    “For the right price, I can make yo shit tighter” ~ Jay Z

    • NorthDollasTX

      i think its just a TESTAMENT to KRITS HUSTLE AND CAMPAIGN cuz …

      niggah thats most of the game … niggash gon’ jump on that bandwagon/next wave
      to get they buzz up (insert LIL WAYNE features) 
      even jay-z did it when he put DRAKE on his album … when DRAKE was the new HOT niggah
      “niggah this aint none of that …  only reason, im doing a song wit dude’nem cuz i want they region … GAME RECOGNIZE GAME season”

  • Camden Walker

    Been a fan and supportin Luda since 2000 @ age 13. Big ups to BIG KRIT doin the damn thing. Hoping the LUDAVERSAL album brings that Hunger N basement root feel wit 808s and classic instruments. Hella lyrical features exposing his untiy and devotion to our culture. Its been a helluve ride with Luda 4 10 years and he still got heat and providing jobs n hope for the youth and community. a folower and been an idol to help me preserve my own path. stand on my own and always give back. GIGAWATTS has to go HAM.