DJ Premier Ft. Nas RE:GENERATION Track: “Regeneration”

[ahh_audio src=/10-27-11/DJPremierft.NaS-Re_generation.mp3]

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  • oooooowwwweeee…… hotnesss

  • It’s aiiIIGHT! Nothing special & doo doo gritz compared to that Immortal technique Track ” Civil War ” – Feat Brother Ali , Chuck D & killer Mike:
    A real Banger ^^^^^

    Premier’s beat was hot , Nas’ flow was not.

  • Flux302

    completely disappointed. smh…

  • this shit is a hot mess…wtf this what happens when u get old u flip ur lid…..these are not the guys that gave us “nas is like” no way

    • Live Well

      You crazy.

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  • Ever since i heard that Diggy mixtape DJ Premier produced I knew he had fell off. Nugga is outta touch yo. The beat sound cool on the breakdown but the verse part and Nas was on some other bland shit. Only reason he was cool at the BET cypher bc of the spitters spittin, not necessarily the beat

  • ThetaCi

    Dude watched Fantasia with his kidz or something. This is some shit you mop the floor to.

  • TaTa_U

    Why do some of us INSIST on aging ourselves out of work… out of money… I just seen a story on here about Steven Tyler… If a 60 or 70 year old can continue to tour and make Rock albums and thier fans LOVE it… Then an MC, should NEVER be considered too old to spit rhymes… as long as you can ride a beat, spit fire on the MIC and have slick lines… you can continue to MC…

    We have to learn how to stop hurting ourselves with judgemental, negative dismisal engery. It’s BULLSHIT!

    Now about this joint…
    It’s not a mess, it’s just not street. It’s not a banga, it don’t make ya head nod… it just don’t move me.

    IMO… It something for a movie soundtrack.

    • Flux302

      I agree but the only way to grow old and spit dope is to get away from the me to rap topics. Start coming up with actual songs as opposed to more of the same shit. I don’t wanna hear a 50 yr old man telling me how hard ass he is or how much money he has. But if he has life lessons to bring to the table or stories the way slick Rick could flip then I’m all in. Give me something new other wise get that AARP shit outta here lol!

      • TaTa_U

        I agree completely, The ONLY MC’s that should continue to have a following wellinto their AARP years are TRUE MC’s who have that ability to WRITE rhymes that evolve with the MC and their career, continue to entertain and Challenge the Listener… force me the listener to REWIND. You never grow too old to MC if you are TRULY a Griot!

  • These Brothers is getting them Hyundai checks they not worried about what you simple folks think this is not for a album anyway

  • The_Focused_One

    This song would have been dope to me if NAS had spit another verse. This song is 4 minutes long and NAS’s verse is only like 40 seconds of that. I don’t think this is an album cut off Life is Good, but if it is, it is going to really mess up the pace of the album and probably turn a lot of people off…

  • the song is for hyundai. thats why it sounds like that. Niggaz always wanna criticize something. The cut was slick. And musical, Premeir literally composed it. I think thats ill. Nas killed it as well.

    • The_Focused_One

      Thanks for clearing that up. I didn’t know what this song was for. I now have a much better appreciation for it.


    NAS = GOAT


  • I can appreciate this is so many ways. Amazing