Immortal Technique Ft. Brother Ali, Chuck D and Killer Mike “Civil War”

[ahh_audio src=/10-27-11/ImmortalTechniqueftBrotherAliChuckDKillerMike-CivilWar.mp3]

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14 Responses to “Immortal Technique Ft. Brother Ali, Chuck D and Killer Mike “Civil War””

  1. EDOGZ818

    This $hyt go hard as FUGG!

    Holy $hyt! 
    Booyaka! >>>Buckz 3 shotz in the air & throws a chair through the wall!

    Kanye , Jay Z , Lil Wayne , Eminem ( ok, sometimes Em’s comes close ) but I haven’t heard nothing getting radio play from any of the “TOP” artist that can even come close to fugging with this…Em included.

    >>>>>Police kick down door looking for the last dude on the track……cuz he killed it!

    ” LISTEN – Our hearts were torn apart just like you’ll was , watching towers full of souls fall to saw dust , every time we called your office you ignored us , now your holding hearings ion us all inside of congress , microscope’s is on us , asking if we’re Jihadist , my answer was in line with all of the founding fathers , I think Patrick said it best ” Give me liberty or death , I’ll shall never accept anything less , you claim innocence , you play victim-less , but you gave the kiss of death in the name of self defense , slavery & theft to other nations in the end , and pacifying your citenry with excess , we believe in freedom , justice – security , but they’re only pure when applied universally , so certainly if I rage against the machine , my aim was only to clean the germs out of the circutry , urgently putting fear inside your heart , make you burn Korans & tell me not to build a mosque , me my wife , babies ain’t never made your heart ,we just want to touch our heads to the floor & talk to GOD , ask him to remove every blemish from our heart , the greatest threat from any harm doesn’t come from any bomb , the moment you refuse the human rights for just a few , what happens when that few includes YOU?”


    • ThetaCi

      True on that Em comment. Remember Mosh. I had respect for that track but the fact that he released it after the election pissed me off. He could have done some damage to the Bush Campaign with that. I believe Em could be so much more real and menacing if Congress children weren’t listening to his shit.

  2. ThetaCi

    Damn! I aint heard no shit like this in a min. Immortal Technique always go hard. He can go deep on a flow like “Caught in a Hustle” or on some “Point of No Return or Bin Laden” shit. It sounded like I wanted the old Cube on that though. Damn and Execs have worked so hard to point “Hip Hop” away from shit this real.  

  3. EDOGZ818

    I feel you NorD….but you know this $hyt right up my alley.
    I karate kicked the monitor, cuz this shyt was going so fuggin hard…..I felt outta place!
    Last verse gave it to everyone , on or off the track. WOW!

      >>> Loch121:

    Can I get some $hyt like this from you to run on $E$?
    You got me begging like a record exec or some $hyt!

    Make it happen , Youtube the video & make the lyrics + video powerful.
    You got next ….when you ready for that #1 slot again.

    Yeah , but Cube getting $$$ & Marvin Hagler said it best , when asked how he became the only boxer to retire & stay retired the 1st time…he replied:” It’s hard to get up & do roadwork after sleeping all night on silk sheetz! “Like ” I’m gonna get you sucka “:They went down to take over the post office ….. & left with jobs , cuz they was hiring that day! “I’mJustsayin ^^^^

    Basically , the same with ‘EM , in reality , what you said.
    Seems like signing an artist …..dooms them to wackness ….if they in it for the money.
    There are plenty of unsigned artist better than the majors, then again , the majority are unpolished , raw lyricist , who can’t write / structure a song , so education comes into play , music reading , writing , structuring , etc.

    That is where I see most unsigned artist falling short ….making a commercial production.
    This is some hot ” COMMERCIAL ” rap , I just don’t see to many sponsors featuring this in their commercial.

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