Lupe Fiasco President Barack Obama

Lupe Fiasco Talks President Obama and Past “Terrorist” Comments

Lupe Fiasco made headlines, blogs and tweets across the world when he likened President Obama to a terrorist, making the summer of 2011 just a bit hotter. Has he changed his stance on war and the president? Read on: I wanted to ask you just briefly, just in sort of a hindsight manner. The press made a big deal of your metaphor for President Obama as a terrorist. Do you have any regrets on that now, or maybe a different point-of-view in hindsight?

 Lupe: Not at all. Not at all. I made this point when I was on Bill O’Reilly. I said just because — and it stems from Howard Zinn. Howard Zinn said war is terror, right? Howard Zinn has a very deep past, a very powerful political thinker. He was a soldier, actually fought in World War II. He was a guy deeply involved in the Civil Rights movement in the South, [author of] “A People’s History of the United States.” A very powerful dude who I look up to very much so. His words, that war on terror, war and the definition of why we wage war is definitely terror. The people who wage war, what are they? There is no… redefining it for the sake of making yourself feel better when you go to sleep at night. When you bomb a village for no reason at all other than that it’s a hindrance for rearranging some type of political structure or some type of energy structure in the world, or putting yourself in a better strategic position in a region so you can take over that region’s resources? That’s terror. That’s not bringing freedom and liberty to people by eradicating an entire town and killing thousands and thousands of people, millions of people, and standing behind that. So that’s terror. But saying that, it doesn’t negate all of the other qualities or all of the other characteristics of that person. Like Bill O’Reilly, he’s a father, he’s a great speaker, he’s a great thinker. He’s a motivator. He’s a charitable person. But all of that, in itself, also does not not make him a terrorist. You know? It does not.  Echoing. I think we’ve got an echo all of a sudden. Hold on.

 Lupe: Hello? Chelsea (publicist)?

 Publicist: I’m on, I’m on. That echo is crazy. I think it stopped. Okay.

 Lupe: Yeah, you figure out the right one?

 Publicist: Chuck, are you on? Yeah, I’m here.

Male: Hold on. Alright you guys, everyone’s back connected.

 Lupe: Yeah, so as I was saying, all those good characteristics about him, at the same time too, don’t negate all the negative characteristics about him. That’s clear across humanity, when you critically think, that’s what you do. You think critically.  Right, right, okay. I’m sorry, go ahead.

 Lupe: I’m sorry, I’m saying, I’m a proponent of critical thinking. You look at a situation from all points of view. You don’t bring your bias into it. You become open to that same type of conversation. You’re open to be educated, but at that same time you educate. You don’t negate any facts. You don’t create any fictions to push your own preconceptions of someone. You let someone act. I’ve met president Obama when he was still senator Obama playing basketball the night he was nominated to be president of the United States of America in Chicago, and I had this opportunity to be amongst him while he was doing that. And everybody was shaking his head. I specifically remember, as much as this moment means, I can’t shake his hand. I don’t know what he’s like. Right? I don’t know… I’ll shake his hand once I see what he does. You said you don’t know what he’s what?

 Lupe: I said I don’t know what he’s going to do, right? I don’t know what he’s going to do. Hello? Yeah.

 Lupe: Hello, hello? I’m sorry. I didn’t know what he was going to do, so I didn’t want to be a hypocrite and shake his hand. And then it’s like oh man, but you shook his — it was just something personal to me, I’ve got to see what this guy does. That same night he went on TV and was in Grant Park and did the whole thing, I was watching it, and he gave the speech. It was like okay, this is cool, aright. He said we need to get out of Iraq, and I’m like that’s dope. Then he said we need to get in Afghanistan, which is “where the real war is.” That’s Barack Obama. I’m like nah. I don’t agree with that. That’s not where the real war is. What war are we fighting? So from that day… I’m glad I didn’t shake his hand, because I don’t agree with that. Not to say I don’t agree with universal health care, I think that’s fantastic. Let’s repeal and redistribute and redo what we need to do to make sure there’s a fairness within American society and try to limit some of these disparities, but your second act is you bail out all the banks. Your second biggest financial contributor is AIG. Right.

 Lupe: But you’re a great guy. You brought the Black professor and the White police officer to drink beer on the white house lawn. That’s fantastic. The next day you’re bombing some town.

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  • TheBoxcarHobo

    Here we go again…smh…

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  • Jared Bolden-Whyte

    I like Lupe but his views are bias. All these little black kids he talk about leading, they had black political rappers but not a president. So for that alone you shake that mans hand

    • And let him bomb Africa & continue robbing & enslaving it.

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  • This lil dude is an idiot. Do he even know what he’s talking about? Man, don’t wait to start talking that type of shiit towards your President NOW!!! Where was all of this type of talk when Bush or Clinton was in office.

    Niccas would do anything to try to get in where they fit in…

    • Nah , he talked the same $hyt then too.
      The system is fugged up…no 1 President.

  • Why so much hate for Lupe Fiasco? And I don’t like using the word hate, but in this context it fits because no one has said anything logical to refute his statements. I can’t say I totally agree with everything Lupe says, but at least he has examples to back up his statements, unlike some people who dislike him because Obama’s the first black president. To be honest, Lupe’s issues are pointed at the wrong person, because the president doesn’t make any solitary decisions (“Solitary” means alone for those of you scratching your head). But at least he’s trying to spark thought among people. Too bad it’s not working because everyone is too “swagged out” or high to give a care about anything that really matters. But the saying goes “ignorance is bliss.” And Verieth Collins, Lupe has been very critical of Bush and just about every president, if you watch that interview of where that statement comes from, he called the entire US government, pass and future, terrorist, that is pertaining to his meaning of the word…

    • TheBoxcarHobo

      No hate for Lupe, I’m a huge fan, I still bump The COOL like it came out yesterday.

      My beef with Lupe is that it seems like he believes that any president can come in and just flip the script 100% . America has an agenda and Obama STILL is a politician. He ain’t ur homeboy from down the block, as cool as he might seem. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot that I don’t agree with either, but to call Obama a terrorist is ridiculous. The current administration inherited a huge mess and I personally think they’re doing a pretty good job tryin to clean it up.

      Lupe seems like a smart dude but if he thought Obama was just gonna wave some magic wand and all would be good then I don’t know what to tell him .

      • Obama bombed Africa an is responsible for the death on 50,000 Libyans for European Oil interest!!! Obama is a terrorist.

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        So it was all good when Ghadahfi was killing his own people right?

        It’s funny that you say that b/c there are many people that were, and still are pissed about America NOT playing a role in Africa, turning a blind eye to the genocides and the corruption.

        We should be doing more for Africa.

        I’m convinced that some of yall are just following what Lupe is saying just to seem cool. It ain’t cool. Some of yall are gonna down Barack no matter what he does.

      • Could a white face have done that & got a co-sign from Black people in the U.S.?
        That is why he was “SELECTED”.

      • Executive Order

        There is no doubt in my mind , that if you became president today , you would have 1/2 the shyt fixed by tomorrow , so the top 10 excuses why Obama can’t do shyt for Black people …or even the American People for that matter , don’t apply.
        He still gets a [ass for his skin color , just like Donald Duck would if they dipped him in chocolate & selected him , but beyond that , the whole system is fugged , but we “VOLUNTEERED” for it , by being born on U.S. soil.
        ( 14th Amendment )

    • ***He’s African American …or Kenyan American ( By Blood , a dual citizen & ineligible to be president..but:

      Check Out :
      $chool ‘Em $aturdays in ILLSEED’s Rumors section:

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  • Dust Huynh

    Lupe supported his statement at the least.
    He’s referring to the whole government though when talking about Obama.
    He’ll continued to constantly repeat his reasons on this.
    It’s like online fighting. Most of the time nobody wins.
    The two people have two opinions that they hold dear too.
    Lu is one of them brother that won’t give up on his statement.
    Lupe is like this quote ,”Fall seven times, stand up eight.” – Japanese Proverb.

    • It’s called “GAMENESS”…..Rocky Balboa had it….sometimes it’s called courage , others …stupidity.

  • …innauguration speech.,i guess obama didn’t say shit huh.iym jus sayin

    • Nah , his speeches are dope , he brush dirt of his shoulders , has a live afro & gives dope speeches….he just doesn’t do shyt …..for the average America with no corporate interest , nor does he promote freedom here , as we are continually locked up & down over non violent commercial crimes.
      ^^^^^Smoking Weed…etc

  • Thomas L

    Thank God for people like Lupe Fiasco!  Showing us theres a better way to live and think. Be critical of people. Critical of Lupe(i see you all have this down already lol), of yourselves, & most definately about the powers that be because it damn sure affects you and your future…This is the only way to learn and grow.  Educate youself. Read Howard Zinn. Read about what REALLY is going on all over the world. Not what our controled news reports. Look for evidence. Reseach.  Learn to recognize the truth among the lies. Support those less fortunate or less educated than you because you could easily be in there situation. Peace. God bless this guy for doing his independent research and sharing his opinions, knowledge, and goodwill with the world! 

  • The only Black that President Obama wants around him is his hair dye.
    This man has been putting the white in white house since day 1.

    • Plus he’s African American …Kenyan American to be exact , not ” BLACK” in the sense that his family reunions are down south , by the slave ports ….because that’s as far as he can trace his linage that was stripped hundreds of years before arriving there.

      His father is a Kenyan Citizen ( British Subject? ) , technically speaking , there-by making Obama a dual citizen by Blood & technically ineligible to be pres , regardless of where he was born , but McSame was just as ineligible because of where he was born , so what does that tell you?

      They Violated article 2 of the constitution & were gonna do it anyway & the 14th amendment , which was passed as forced citizenship / slavery to the U.S. corporation for Blacks & voluntary for everyone else….( They made being born here = volunteering for slavery / ownership ….that’s why they act like they own you…cuz legally , they do….but that has nothing to do with Lupe…soooooo.

      Besides , that was an old $E$ , no longer on ahh ,( Lost in upgrade ) but the Libyan lies are edited out…all over the web.

      SMZ was the guest instructor & basically hit the nail on the head 6mnths ago.
      Check it out , from april / may?
      $E$ : Slavery …Libyan Lies mysteriously deleted:

  • Why is it the news forgot to give these facts
    1-there is no interest on loans ..banks in libya are state owned and all citizens get it for 0%
    2-owning a home is considered a human right
    3-all newlyweds in in libya recieve $60,000 dinar which is $50,000(us)
    4-education and medical treatment are free in libya before him only 25% of t…he country were literate now its 83%
    5-libya has no external debit
    6-if a libyan is unable to get employement after graduating the state would pay the average salary of the profession
    7-ghadaffi carried out the worlds largest irrigation project to make water readily available through out the desert
    8-25% of all oil sales are credited to the bank accounts of all libyans

    For Europe to maintain it’s Elite status it must be able to exploit Africa and it’s natural resources. Gaddafi died because ha wanted to nationalize the oil.Gadhaffi did a lot of GOOD THINGS. He BOOTED EXXON and other Western Oil Companies out and started a STATE OWNED Oil Company, Sirte Oil. With the Oil Money, he built Schools, Hospitals, FREE Health Care, Roads and Other Modern Infrastructure. Before Gadhaffi, Libya was a Dirt Poor Country getting exploited by big oil!American liberal citizens wanted Bush gone and voters on the right (and now left too) want Obama gone too!!!!

    OBAMYA IS A TERRORIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • TheBoxcarHobo

      Yeah, and he KILLED his own people for protesting. If everything was so gravy over there, then what are they protesting for?

      Obama didn’t sit idly by and let him kill his own people, he took action but guess what? In the end Ghadahfi was killed in his hometown by his own people. So obviously they wanted him gone. The end.

      • i see you dont understand how the western world works boxcar. This country create problems in other peoples country for financial reasons. There are traders in every country but the us has big financial and military power to bribe great people. 1 billion dollars was the price for his head and the US is responsible for killing its own people too.MLK JFK, 911 hiv cancer cigarettes and the list goes on 95% of the population of libya protested against the nato attacking gaddafi.

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        Oh I understand clearly my boy. War is a business, and America does what’s in Americas perceived best interest. Nothing more, nothing less. I don’t know where you got that 95% from, it kinda smells like b.s. but Imma say this and then I’m done with it: no dictator should be allowed to methodically kill his own people. If we stand by and let it happen we could end up with another holocaust on our hands.

      • lol. there are  countries that the us is friends with that own slaves in there own country and beaten tortured and killed them and they had them for years and the us didnt lift a finger there and still wont. gaddafi is the only arabic ruler who apologized for slavery amongst african people and he never had anything to do with it.  If you are a trader to any country u will get persecuted even here. This country kills and there is no press involved. We do have a death penalty and you can get it for treason and several people have died because of this

      • Yeah! What he said ^^^^^^^

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        I know all this fam, that’s why I said PERCEIVED best interest. I know how America does, they play chess, not checkers. When you are no longer useful you will be disposed of ala Saddam Hussein. Yall are really preaching to the choir here.

        Ghadahfi’s time was up, and America didn’t kill him they just leveled the playing field for his own people to take him out the game. The fact that his own people brought him down nullifies any case you can make for his positive attributes. We speak on it, but they lived it and know better than any of us what was really poppin off.

      • Qaddafi was Mandela’s man.
        When he got out , the U.S. put pressure on him not to see Qaddafi , NO-Fly Zone, etc.

        Mandela said : Fugg that , he was there for me in my darkest hour. ( Paraphrased? )
        Was Mandela a sucka? Will Libyan’s be better off living under the control of an international banking Cartel trying to make the most profit off of them? Or a man who put each & every citizen before his own parents , & built them homes for free, educated them for free, medicated them for free & instead of tricking his money like the Saudi’s , invested in his country by creating the world’s largest man made river in the world to water them & their crops?

        They pay like $00.25 ( USD ) for gas , like 1 penny for a loaf of bread. A fuggin Oddle Noodle like the same price as a loaf of bread , unless you get them cheap shyts , then you get like 5 for a loaf of bread & make some Chi Chi’s or peanut butter & jelly.

        Free College? Where? %50 off new whip… factory cost….with no tax? No interest on anything?
        Only time Jesus ever knuckled anyone up , was when he caught the money changers charging interest in the temple. Hit them with the 52 dropz ( His version? ) then turned into the black babe ruth with a baseball bat. ( His Version? )

        It’s in the King James Bible!
        Authorized by who? GOD ALMIGHTY?
        >>>>No ….King James
        LOL-N at King James thinking he got it like that to “AUTHORIZE” a book of GOD.

        Qaddafi looked out , without a doubt , that has been proved beyond a doubt , what hasn’t been proved , is what he actually did wrong.
        >>>>Scratches Head & Thinks to self…..that’s next week’s $E$…:
        “What Qaddfi did wrong”

        Email me if you want to do a short write up.

        You can not , I repeat , can not write like Wacka Flocka raps. ( Sounds like he’s chewing on a box of crayons )
         ‘ Dey eva’ don’t no’ , don’t sho’ or cair what happan’n in da’ hood ”
        ( *Last line from ” Boyz N Da’ Hood ” )

        P.S. Don’t get it twisted , we ruled by dictators too.
        1 party , 2 factions.
        Governing from the left or the right.
        We still in Iraq & expanding the wars…..des[ite what’s being said.

      • Listen to Willis…..He’s got college! ^^^^^^

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  • Lupe gets props for having his head on right!
    He went in!

    Bill O’Riley would have to edit the fugg outta this interview b4 he let it show!
    Immortal technique, Truth Minista Paul Scott , Seandra Simms , Jasiri X , ILLSEED’s ” Watch The Throne ” free tickets giveaway / concert , The Lupe Interview…..AHH went hard as a Motherfugger ( H.A.M. ) this week……& closed the show with a wicked a$s , blood clot , bumblahRass:

    >>>>Rick Flair Voice: ” WheeeewWW! Whuuuuuew! WHEWWWWwwwww!”

  • the_man_06

    I see why I haven’t bought a lupe cd.  This dude is ignorant

    • Jeffery Thompson

      how is he ignorant just cause he doesnt support obama just cause obama is black maybe your ignorant for not reading the article properly