Drake Ft. Lil Wayne “The Motto”

[ahh_audio src=/11-01-11/DrakeftLilWayne-TheMotto.mp3]

  • Sounds like @drakkardnoir freestylin on the track!  I dig it!

  • jetlifedankness

    Damn , Drizzy stole another rappers flow again this time TYGA that shit sounds jus tike a couple songs. his flow at the beggining 

  • fukk lil wayne and drake they killed hip hop 

    • Psythik

      You killed hip hop

    • dopeboi84

      with what,Gun or knife?go suck dick if u dn’t like em.bitch.

  • That YMCA line was very ironic.Not really feelin this but,respect the change in style.They took a chance
    New Loch LiL Wayne and Drake She Will freestylehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvjwtcT4RHk

  • Drake’s adopted gangster “swag” is as fuckin lame as Ricky Ross, fake ass wangsters. How you go from growin up a Jewish kid in a upper class Toronto neighborhood to this wannabe Scarface shit. He had enough of a fanbase to at least attempt to keep on his former lyrical vibe

  • mwezzy

    dis da shit

  • mwezzy

    im callin niggas out ike a umpire:)