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Kid Cudi Releases Intense Short Film for “Maniac”

Rapper, singer, and actor Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi released a short film for his Man On the Moon II track, “Maniac.” The film, released appropriately on Halloween, documents “two serial killers,” played by Cudi and Chris “Cage” Palko in French mode, and “their exploits;” however, it does not actually feature music from the song itself. Instead, the film features a score created by Kid Cudi and frequent collaborator Dot Da Genius, along with direction by Shia Lebeouf, who has starred in all three Transformers films.

Cudi said the following upon the film’s release: “MANIAC is a short film inspired by the song. It is not a music video and it has no reference to the song content. It will be scored by Dot and I as a film with all new music. Directed By Shia Labeof for Grassy Slope and Ragin4Dayz Productions.

Back in August, Cudi announced that he would be scrapping a previously announced mixtape, instead focusing on his next two new albums. The first, Wizard, is the debut of 2 Continnum, a rock band that Cudi founded with Dot Da Genius, and is set for release some time this winter, as is Cudi’s Man on the Moon III.

  • NorthDollasTX

    judging by the comments … I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT GIVES 2 SHYTS about a niggah names CUDDIES


    I GUESS MAN?????

                          █ ——— R ——— ██ ——— E ——— ██ ——— A ——— ██ ——— L ——— █
                         █ ——— R ——— █ █ ——— E ——— █ █ ——— A ——— █ █ ——— L——— █
                         █ ——— T ——— █ █ ——— A——— █ █ ——— L ——— █ █ ——— K ——— █

  • I could care less about Kid Cudi, but Damn man, how did Cage go from Crazy White Rapper to a Yes Man for an Emo Rapper & A Horrible actor???…….. SMH, i guess at 40 years old having never made it as a rapper he had to find a way to pay them bills somehow……

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