Exclusive: Part 3 (Final) – Boe Scaggz On Jam Master Jay Dealing Drugs, 50 Cent and Jimmy Henchman Connection

In the third and final portion of AllHipHop.com’s interview with Jam Master Jay’s nephew Boe Scaggz, a number of controversial theories about the pioneering DJ’s murder are explored. It had been reported that Jay’s death was the result of a drug deal gone bad, after he and several associates allegedly traveled to Baltimore to sell multiple kilos of cocaine.

In this portion of the interview, Jay’s alleged drug dealing, his association with 50 Cent and his possible association with Jimmy Henchman are examined. This is significant because Jimmy Henchman is accused of laundering cocaine and drug money through recording studios, using cases to store musical equipment.

Street View of JMJ’s Studio

Sources have stated that on at least one occasion, Jam Master Jay drove to Baltimore in a luxury car, allegedly filled with cocaine, supposedly stuffed in his turntable cases, although this is merely speculation and not an accusation to tarnish his legacy.

Check out some unreleased footage of Jam Master Jay chilling in a hotel room with his friend, Eric “Shake” James, at the end of this article.

AllHipHop.com: It was widely reported that Jay was dabbling with dealing drugs, particularly cocaine. Did you ever hear about Jay dealing drugs?

Boe: Jay wasn’t into that. He wasn’t into dealing with drugs or no s**t like that. I mean, I heard people say things like that, like I hear the streets talking. He wasn’t into hustling drugs and all that. He was too busy making his own career and making a career for his nephew and trying to make sure his sons is cool. His brothers and sisters were straight. He wasn’t worried about moving no drugs. I heard about, what’s this dude’s name, Chris Run (Jay’s driver). He said some crazy s**t like that, like him and Jay were traveling somewhere with drugs and s**t like that.

AllHipHop.com: I heard he was ripped off by a dude named Yaqin, in Baltimore and he owed some money from a coke deal gone bad.

Jimmy Henchman

Boe: Dumb. Even if Jay took you down somewhere to go meet some ni**as that he knew that’s gangsters because you know, he’s from the street. Just because you know a certain type of people don’t mean you’re involved with the same thing they involved with. I know a whole bunch of different types of motherf**kers. I know rich ni**as, that don’t mean I’m rich. I know broke ni**as that sleep on the street, I ain’t a broke ni**a on the street, but I know some of these people. It don’t make me the same way as them.

AllHipHop.com: Queens has a hip-hop community that’s produced some of the world’s best hip-hop acts. What do you think of this whole Jimmy Henchman situation? That definitely has ties to Queens in that Stretch Walker, who was originally present when Tupac was shot at the Quad in 1994, was supposedly killed by Tinard Washington. I’ve heard that Jimmy was associated with Jay and the Queens hip-hop scene early on. I even heard he visited the studio.

Boe: No, I don’t really remember Jimmy, but Randy used to always ask me do I remember Jimmy. Like “you don’t remember Jimmy?” Nah, I don’t remember him. The whole thing with Stretch and all that, that’s them ni**as. That’s them ni**as, man. He got himself in some s**t, but I don’t even know him.

Lowell “Lodi Mac” Fletcher

AllHipHop.com: No doubt. Well the reason I ask that is I heard Randy was somehow associating with Henchman before and after Jam Master Jay’s murder. It’s a small community so being friends isn’t a crime. It was interesting that Randy put out a diss record towards 50 Cent after the documentary came out.

He was also cool with Jimmy Henchman when he put the diss record out. I also heard there was a loose connection between the death of 50’s boy Lodi Mac and the JMJ case, but I think it was just rumors from the streets.

Boe: I don’t think Rand’s doing so much rapping and all that anymore. I’m not really sure about him doing a little rapping and s**t like that, but I don’t really know why he even made a diss record for 50. Maybe he was just feeling some kind of way. Maybe he just felt some kind of way about 50. I didn’t think that was cool that he did that. I think if you want to diss somebody, you’ve got to really do some real, real hot s**t, and I don’t think this record was good enough to even be put out there like that.

AllHipHop.com: Yea 50 put a little line in the song where he basically threw Randy under the bus in the track, saying he was there, even if he didn’t do it. You don’t think Randy was actually complicit in it and that he’s just not telling anybody?

Boe: I believe all of them know more than what I know about that. I know what everybody wants to hear them say, but what if they don’t know what everybody wants them to say? But I know that they know more than what I know, and they know more about what happened to Jay than I do. And I think that soon, people are going to go “hey Randy, say something.” I don’t know where he is now. But I’ve got a feeling that ni**a’s going to be hearing something about him and about Jay’s case and everything real soon. Randy’s the person that doesn’t get a benefit from it, not one bit.

AllHipHop.com: He told me his life was hell afterwards. He said police were following him and other people in the neighborhood wanted to kill him.

Boe: Look, he’s not rich. Nothing happened spectacularly for that man since Jay died…if I’m playing and part of a scheme to do something for you, then obviously there’s got to be some kind of reward in it for me. I ran into Randy in Miami, and we didn’t really speak that much. This was just kind of a what’s up? Kind of like shocked because we hadn’t seen each other since 2003. I’m lying, we seen at each other at the Jam Awards, the one year they had the Jam Awards with Jay, I was there. I seen him at the Jam Awards.

AllHipHop.com: Yeah I was there, that was at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York.

Boe: Yep, at the Hammerstein. That was me and Randy hadn’t spoken, because we had a falling out. It didn’t really have nothing to do with Jay why me and him weren’t kicking it, because if you remember, after Jay passed I was with him a lot of times. And he was getting threats. Like Marvin, even though Marvin’s Jay’s brother, he wasn’t there with me and Randy every day. He wasn’t here every single day of our life. Like every day we woke up, we had the same routine. Randy comes to get me, we call Jay, meet him at the studio.

AllHipHop.com: Marvin, I know he was running the JMJ foundation for a while. You know, what’s up with that? Do you ever speak to Marvin or any of the other family members?

Boe: Yeah, I talk to my uncle all the time. Me and Marvin, we talk all the time. That’s my uncle. Actually, he got a record label that he’s starting up, he and my grandmother, they’ve got a company that they’re starting and I’m actually kind of helping out. I was going to be the first artist off of their label. Not really signed to them, but just to help boost the label up and things like that. Help to get some artists and stuff like that. So I’ve got a song called Jam Master Jay that I was going to release, a song that the label’s putting out.

  • escobar2

    please take the mic from BOE he makes no since and he is a bum he never has money or a job his whole life.

  • Cool article.Wish we knew the whole story


    “””””This is significant because Jimmy Henchman is accused of laundering cocaine and drug money through recording studios, using cases to store musical equipment.””””

    Ok ok kay kay ( joe pesci voice)

    Greg this has to be by far the worst example of journalism i have ever read on this site.
    And thats is saying a lot being that yall have poorly written features, articles all the time.

    Level with me? Why dont you.
    Did you actually take up, study or attend an accredited college and earn a degree in journalism??

    Or did you intern at some type of print establishment or possibly get mentor by a professional writer.

    Because you are lacking or ignorant to some of the basic guidelines & fundamental of journalism,
    As well as interviewing.

    Or is this some way or an attempt to lead tonsome new breaking
    AHH exclusives down the line or something.

    Did you even do an outline before writing this.

    Or did you jot down loosely thought of ideas on toilet paper or something.???
    No diss, just confused on how you can be a journalist by trade and be so devasting awful at it.
    I can see if you writing rumors as illseed, and why his rumors lack the wherewithal,
    Of a professional writers. But you my friends, are soaring above and beyond the line of gruesome
    writings practices. This example of writing should be punish by criminal charges & penal codes.

    If there was a UN of journalism commitee,
    They should levy the most crucial & brutal sanction upon you.
    They should pass an act of emabargo & as well as a blockade, & ban you from ever acessing a computer, microsoft word, a pen, magic marker, crayola crayons,
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    Or anything that will allow you to write and oblierate the writing process that so many reporters and writers follow. I means this is a tradegy at best son.

    My third grade english teacher would make u sit at the back of the class,
    With your desk and chair facing the wall, and strip you of your snack time.

    For you be a grown ass man, and display such complete ignorance to the art of journalism,
    Is hurting my eyes.

    Please explains to me why or how jimmy henchman
    ( yeah remember you said you know him very well)
    Yeah that jimmy. How him getting caught or alledegly getting accussed of putting coke in music equipment has a valuable connection to jmj alledegly moving
    2 kilos of coke almost 10 years ago……

    Are you trying to imply there a connection based on them
    Both using music equipment. ????????

    Also waits let me get the second part of the quote.

    “Sources have stated that on at least one occasion, Jam Master Jay drove to Baltimore in a luxury car, allegedly filled with cocaine, supposedly stuffed in his turntable cases, although this is merely speculation and not an accusation to tarnish his legacy.”

    So are you trying to assume that there was some type of connection
    Between jimmy and jmj. Cause jmj alledegly move coke in his turn tables.

    Do you know how ignorant this statement or better yet how misleading it is.
    To imply, conclude, or compare JMJ to
    be in cohoots or even associated with a guy like Jimmy
    ( who you know very well)

    One is an hip-hop icon and a legend and one is a stone cold street dude.

    To even bring up the fact that jay even dealt drugs, when its not proven and hear say it totally unethical and you are doing the opposite of what i think
    The purpose of the article should be. We not talking about joe blow from the corner,
    And since jay movings kilo were hearsay, why even bring it up.

    Niggah you keep quoting sources. All of you info in all of the stories that you gave links to are stories that were posted in the NY daily news at the time, his death was being investigated.

    Every last peices of info you are reporting, came from the paper.
    Negro stop frauding, i was in NY everyday back tgen or 4-5 days out the week.

    While are you quoting sources, like you had your own sources giving you the scoop, and all you did was re-copy ny post news articles. And if anybody knows anything about
    The NY post or daily news, they should know how credible those papers and sources are.

    Copying somebody else work or info and passing it off as your own, and not citing the original author
    Is journalism rule 2 you broke.

    3. Not to mention jmj is not even hear to defend himself against those alleged charges,
    So you even mentioning that, then exploring a connection between him
    & jimmy is defamation.

    Moving on, i guess you say the jmj moving kilo was necessary because its one of the theories,
    Of why he got killed. But is it possible you could had wrote that part a different way using some type of journalism finesse.?????

    Of course not, you then go bring up,
    50 man getting killed by tinard, the alledeged shooter in jmj case, And a connection from jmj & lodi mack being killed.

    “He was also cool with Jimmy Henchman when he put the diss record out. I also heard there was a loose connection between the death of 50′s boy Lodi Mac and the JMJ case, but I think it was just
    rumors from the streets.”

    So moving on as i further show, how this peice was written.

    This is not the rumor board. This is not the rumor board.

    Have you ever heard someone utter the words.
    ” just the facts”

    I sure in your upbringing of being a comic book fantaic as a child you prolly
    Was a great fan of the “blues brothers”

    Surely you heard that when writing or interviewing people you want to present as much facts as possible when questioning a person. Cause people cant denied facts.

    But in this case okay, you had to adress the rumors
    I guess, to get to the point of the articles. Well in that case the point of the article must be with nemo.
    Cause i cant find it to save my life…..

    And wear exactly do you get your rumors from, the local chinese man from hollis at the corner store.

    Cause none of the alleged theories or rumors you presented in this piece are near or close to the street rumors surronding jmj death.

    They sound like newspaper stories and we all know the media and the cops dont get the story right.

    Now i made a bold statement couple week back
    This site was montior by hip hop police

    I pretty sure jimmy ( who you know very well)

    Wont appreciate the fact you bringing up, or suggesting a link to the murder of lodi mack,
    (Which jimmy prolly remains a target in that case.) and the death of jmj.

    Espically while he sitting in MDC awaiting trial for his life.????

    That like russell simons getting on national TV,
    Saying we need to find the killer of e-money bags.

    While irv and preme were being investigated/ indicted by the feds.

    You really think jimmy wants or need this type of heat right now.
    Espically if your dead wrong. I sure he will be writing giving you another exclusive or atleast i would if i was him. Not only was this poorly written, and reckless to say the least, with the loss connection and rumors. Its ground to show you some DISCIPLINE
    In the lobby of AHH .( Quad studio style. Lol)

    You surely cant know jimmy all that well or you really are from delaware.
    Cause i dont think u dumbass ass even realize what the fuk you doing.

    Jimmy is already hot like a fat bitsh thighs in jeans on a 100 degree day in texas.

    Now here you go writing about
    Murder connection and rumors on a website that gets how many hits in a day.???

    You guys slogan couldnt be better.

    ” the world most dangerous website alright”

    Yours Truly
    CEO & CO-founder of

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  • >>>Steps over all the broken glass & empty E-shell casing strewn about

    Damn El Bark!
    Florida Evans Voice: ” DAMN! DAMN! DAYUM!!!!!!” 

    Boe Scaggz? Seems like he is more about trying to sell records , than find out about JMJ.
    He should have saved it for an interview about his music & left this to focus on JMJ.

    I actually waited for this interview….hoping Boe Scaggz could shed some light in the closing….left me feeling more confused.

    I think this article will help put the light on JMJ so his family can get some closure.

    What fugged me up is how Boe Scaggz gonna fugg with Randy …..when the famz don’t?
    Momma duke knows best…even when she wrong , so if Jay’s momz don’t fugg with Randy , Boe Scazz shouldn’t have either.

    Still , that’s Queens ( Fires E-Shots at Montezuma ) , but had they been in the Bx & Boe Scazz walked in with Randy…..they both would have gotten stomped until they turned to wine.

    That whole $hyt suspect , talking about he running up on dudes & pistol whipping them….who? Tinard? or some chump that wasn’t even there? $hyt he was there , he lucky someone ain’t grab him & start pistol whipping info out of him.
    #I’mjustsayin // retweet

    ( Is this ^^^^ how to tweet? )

  • escobar2

    How can you even speak to anyone that was in that room with JAY? How is it that no one knows nothing that is impossible BOE sounds dumb. Out of all people to interview about Jay yall picked the worst one yall should have picked someone that grew up with Jay the same age as him. Not a nephew that hung with Jay for a couple years and is much younger than Jay.

  • drew brock

    Pretty worthless acrticle EL_BARQ explains why, absolutely no information was gained, and this kids a liar…someone killed your uncle and u ride around with dude that was in the room….YOUR A FUCKIN LAME!!!

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    Jam Master Jay was Moving that Ye’…….

  • B.A. D’Negro

    Its crazy that the people we call friends loved ones and some FAM just are not there in REAL times of need. You can’t bury yourself nor can you solve your own murder and the whole thing smells bad from the jump!!! This dude stops short in almost every point, but his ALIBI is good. He KNOWS WAY MORE than what he’s speaking because he ain’t said a gotdamn thing! Long Live Jam Master Jay!!!