Hip-Hop Rumors: Bricksquad Affiliate Murdered Over Twitter Beef?


26 year old Bricksquad affiliate Jomo Adoula Zambia (better known as Rosemo700) was murdered on the streets of Inglewood, CA on November 2, the victim of a shooting. Back in September we informed you all of an internet rumor involving Rosemo and Game in which he claimed to have knocked out the rap star at the Fox Hills Mall in Culver City, CA over a beef that started on Twitter between fellow Bricksquad member Ice Burgandy and Game.

Over the past few weeks, Jomo was once again involved in a Twitter beef involving his homeboy Ice Burgandy and Inglewood rapper Boskoe. The situation took a turn for the worse when CTE affiliated rapper 2Eleven filmed a brutal attack on Boskoe by Jomo on the streets of Inglewood which resulted in Boskoe receiving a broken arm and a bloody face. The footage of the attack was viewed by thousands on the Internet and even got a video response from the victim in which he acknowledged the attack.

According to an Inglewood police report, Jomo was shot Wednesday afternoon and was trying to drive himself to a hospital when he ran a red light and slammed in to a police car on Florence and Eucalyptus avenues. The officer had to be rescued by the jaws of life and was taken to a hospital and is in stable condition. Jomo however, died of gunshot wounds to his torso and arm.

There are no suspects at this time but many on Twitter and Facebook believe that this was connected to the beefs that started on internet social networks.

  • therealest1

    Not cool shit. Ignorant shit if this was over some internet stuff.

  • Thats what happens when your ignorant ass beats people up and posts videos of it on worldstar, a man can take an ass whooping but when you post it online and try to humiliate people, someones gonna snap after a while

    I dont feel one bit sorry for the guy, he asked for it, he got it, hope those 15 minutes of internet fame were worth it, and I hope the rest of you E Thugs out there watching this transpire were taking notes because that could be YOU next

  • idongacha

    Sad and stupid. That is all

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  • EQ

    smh what uh shame but im not surprise 



                          █ ——— R ——— ██ ——— E ——— ██ ——— A ——— ██ ——— L ——— █
                         █ ——— R ——— █ █ ——— E ——— █ █ ——— A ——— █ █ ——— L——— █
                         █ ——— T ——— █ █ ——— A——— █ █ ——— L ——— █ █ ——— K ——— █

  • Last week I watched that bullshit unfold on worlstar, so im not the least bit surprised this happened. The guy who got beat up and his arm broken  by rosemo said he’d retaliate so…..

  • haha dude thought he was badass beating dudes up and posting the shit on the internet, how bad are you now foo??

  • BoldSpice

    And next week the other cat will be dead and so on and so on.

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  • This shit is just. Get some money build something go do some shit with your kids. what do you gain from humiliating another lame ass nigga on the internet? you could get SHOT im just saying black people when is this shit gonna end? and all these ole fightin ass niggas should join the ufc cuz niggas been bustin out here for a while.

  • Yeah this is a shocker ,wow……….
    Twitter is always in the middle of some shit……


  • …and the BS continues!

  • Dre Thompson

    im speechless all the game banging and tuff talking will get you what ? “ending up dead” rosmo was out here seeing these rap niccas in the street for real it was only a matter of time but dam…….


  • NexGin

    I’ve been following all of the videos w/ dude and his e-beefs & I can’t say that I am the least bit surprised that this happened.  People always wanna say some shit like “oh it’s just the internet”, “oh it’s just twitter beef” or “oh it’s just facebook”.  Are ya’ll serious?  It’s real life regardless of whether it plays out on a screen or in the streets.  The talking shit on the internet is no different than talking shit on the phone…texting talking shit or any other means of communication.  There can be real life consequences for people who naively think they are playing in some fantasy land.  There have been more than enough e-beefs turned “keeping it real goes wrong” to support this.  If anything, the internet can compound the problems because it gives people the ability to humiliate others on a global scale.  IMO, that increases the likelihood of retaliation.  But hey….I’ve only been saying this shit forever.  I don’t wish death on anyone, but dude dug his own grave.  smdh

    • Real_Talk_Ricky

      Real talk!!!

  • I mean when you playing them war games then something might happen to you,R.I.P. BLOOD but he had that coming to him….

    New video
    M.U. – Stay On Point


  • TheBoxcarHobo

    This is just natural selection, dude was dumb out here documenting the dirt he was doing. Dumb n*ggas never last long on that street sh*t. He would’ve eventually ended up in jail if he hadn’t of gotten murked first.

    What a way to be remembered, taken out the game for some Twitter and Worldstar fame. Congrats fam, ur famous now!

  • King Cold

    Damn shame!!!!

  • NorthDollasTX

    karma …

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  • Hank Godwin

    What the hell did he expect when he was filming jumping people on the street?

  • YaheardSyndicate

    like Dj Quik Said ” We ride or die till we really f*** die. You know he’s going you can see it in his eyes. Drink a 40 with him hope he can be saved, but tomorrow brought him with a hole up in his braids yup. There aint no love in the city only hating faces, you should apologize that way we wont catch cases”

  • M.U. – Nice work on new video , good message.

    On This dude:
    The dude he beat up Boskoe , looked about 1/2 his size.
    No points for that , plus it wasn’t even his beef.
    Not sure why he would expect someone to take an L just because he wanna be on some bully thug shyt.
    That ain’t smart or gangster. ( To Me )
    Now his kids growing up without a dad, wife missing a hubby , parents missing a son , over dumb shyt.

    I’d have to failblog this one.

    • Thanks for checking out the video,check your facebook page,I sent you a request…

      • StreetMediaZone

        dont let let tha homie edog gass ya up….boy you are trash

    • sosathaplug615

      i got a homie from #818paqoimapirublood name edog if thi him get at me on fb or twitter nigga #freedooder

  • $17637591

    Rosmo thought he was a beast and could whoop anybody a$$. He found out the hard way that not even Bruce Lee can whoop a bullets ass.



    I laughing cause he got caught in inglewood. Lol

    They must have really been mad @ him.

    Congrats though, u are famous NOW for all the wrong reasons.

    • El…how was that trip to the best coast fam?

      • EL_BARK

        Shet was a solid…..

        Slid through compton, the jungle,
        Eastcide block, east LA, gardenia,
        40 st, pretty much everywhere. these girs ny homie cool with it,
        Gave us a mini tour also, took where they filmed baby boy, training day.
        The wood. The hotel was crazy to.
        Westin bonaventure, @ 4 & figuerora.

        Hit the comedy union my first night out there,
        @ meet earthquake & gary payton, actually one of the comedian i meet in sept , chris tucker show, in AC. So we ran to each other, was like oh shet small world.

        Earthquake was mad cool funny as shet, me him
        & GP chop it up for a nice mintues, but i dip out of the show a lil
        Early. We also hit the laff house that sunday.

        Um rest of the time we was in hollywood, and of course i had to
        Pull out those ” ALL BLACK WHEELS” looking foolish. Lol

        Also hit willshire & fairfax, cause the homie on the block wouldnt had left me hear it, if i aint got to where they rock biggie at. And not solved it.

        Man yall cops are on some bull shet. I solved biggie murder in less then 6 hours after landing.
        Dead serious, went to the scence of the crime & it couldnt got more clearer…

        Puffy got that niggah killed. Thats been a joke on the east coast for years,
        But its some truth to it. Lol

        Hit up the beverly center, venice beach, roscoes, & sadles ranch.

        And club up in hollywood. Yall take halloween serious i SEE.

        Its all good, the chick we was with were dress like playboy bunny. Lol

        And went to a party at the playboy mansion, too short came with 4 bitches went him.

        And went to this mexican party out torrance long story.

        Also seen some mexicans cooking hotdogs on shopoing carts on willshire
        Whats up wit that???? On shopoing carts, they had it down to a science,
        It was lije they had their own flea market set up,
        Just selling any & everything.

        Enjoy myself, prolly be out this summer. Didnt see alot of colors bangers like i thought.
        Cedar block piru was official, though.
        Mofos got they house painted red, with red curtains. Lol
        My homie from that block.

        And got in to a minor squablle inside this club.
        The only club that wasnt it hollywood, and its the only club were you got this one dude,
        Acting tuff for no reason. Smh.

        Yall know who from out there and who not.
        Just by the way we was dress.
        No chucks, or k-swiss or vans over here lol.

        I guess dude wanted to test, or was hating we hop out,
        Got valet, and cut the line, and went right in.
        Maybe it was the whips…..

        But once we was in the club. Lil
        Niggah half my size, walk pass with just a lil to much of a bump for my likeing.

        Didnt think nothing of it, the second time its got my attention.

        And of course it wasnt going to be a third time after that…..

        Lets just say, i took my frames off and look dead in his eyes as he walk pass the third time.

        And he was smart enuff to avoid me the rest of the night. Lol

        (south philly mofos kill @ will) ( jay-z voice)

        Maybe he though i was by myself, or didnt see my homies around or who knows.

        Other then that lil
        Issue, shet was popping. I was kind of mad i had to leave,
        Was bout to stay a lil longer.

        I got some footage i post it, when somebosy start talking shet. Lol

      • LMAO thats good you had fun out this way with minimal or no drama…LMAO at the lil wayne sized dude …he was probably trying to pick pocket you to be honest. Ummm the essa’s with the shopping cart Bwahahahahahahahaha welcome to CALI! I gotta go down there next weekend. I know you picked up wanna them cards on Venice riiiight? GP used to to have a dope as pool hall/ club out here in the Bay but i think he closed that shit down awhile back….not fat burger?

      • EL_BARK


        Naw dasaint if he was mexicans i would had thought that.

        He was straight niggah no chaser, lol and the first time he had two drinks, so i didnt pay it no other mind. But the second time it was like a get out my way bump. And 5 mintues later.

        Now i not a small dude, and aftet the second time i sure,
        I could had hit him with my left and not spill my drink. Lol

        We was at this club called orchid, it was a few bkood up in it,
        A different type vibe from hollywood spots.

        But speaking of mexicans being slick, i forgot they pull a fast one me.
        As i was leaving. They dude going to charge me 20 dollar,
        When i return one of the cars, cause the meter was on F = full tank.
        But not on the begining part of the F letter.

        Yo i snapped out. Not over the 20 dollars. But i got gas down the street from the airport. So you know it take 5 mintues for the gas to register some time. I left the reciept in the car.
        And the guy who checks the car must have took it.

        Then they was like if you dont got a receipt we charge 20 dollars,
        How do i know, who put the gas in.

        Yo it was like 4:30 in the morning. And they prolly do it all the time.
        Cause most people just be like fuk it. So i like fuk that you not charging for gas, when the shet is on F and you lieing ass took the reciepts.

        Now who else would put gas in a car i just return,???
        When this dude said that i flip out.

        The niggsh in me came out, i started looking for camera, cause i was bout to fuk him
        Up bad. This niggah kept walking away which was pissing me off even more.
        Saying the same shet. The black lady who work there was like,
        Why the F he charge you and its on full tank.

        Go to the counter and this bitsh (mexican) was like she not taking the 20 charge off.

        Now i like hold on yall must think i am sweet.

        Please dont make show you what i am capable of.

        Had i been thinking i would had spit in both they face,
        Espically the dude who was in the garage.

        The bitsh at the counter i told her she lucky ots camera all around,
        Cause i will smack her accent out if her. Try to get her to look at the gas car herself, cause if she did i was smack her & dude in the garage ( less camera)

        But this bitsh was smart, she wouldnt leave out if view of them camera for nothing.

        Then she say them words tou never say to a black man in the midst of rage.

        I am calling the police”.
        Bitsh what. oh i really went off.

        Bitsh you think i give a fuk about a cop. I told you do that 5 mintues ago, cause i added up the bail money, and how much another flight will cause, if i catch and assualt case.
        Plus a lawyer. In my head. Trying to debate was it worth it.
        And for a slight mintues she was so close, to getting the shet smack out of her.
        I was bout to closed hand punch her in eye. And i dont hit women.
        But this different cause its like bitsh you burning me for money,
        And you acting brolic about it.

        Like i not giving to you, want you going to bout it.

        I almost slap her to give me a reason to come back, yo.

        Bitsh called the cops, and though i was going to leave, still screamed her while she was on the phone and waited. Bitsh didnt call cause they never showed or she knew they were wrong.

        But when i go back out there, i dont forget a face,
        I let the bitsh ride, but that lil ese that check the car in,
        Still going to get smack. I doubt they remember my name or my reservation,
        Or if they do, i have one of my youngin do it.

        And i going pop up same time when it nobody there in the middle of night.

        Beside them dicks and the 125 lbs tuff guy i had a blast.

      • That was suppose to be a curtisy tip my niggah LOL. 

      • Ronnell Brown

        Sounds like you enjoyed Cali.  Very good.  Nice to see out-of-towners enjoy without causing scenes or trying to act like they run things.  Oh, and by the way, the city is called Gardena, not Gardenia.  And most bangers don’t do the color thing as hard as they did in the late 80’s… it’s more about money than flags these days.  But yeah, good to see that out-of-towners can acknowledge that Cali is the spot. 

      • StreetMediaZone

        use a bytch i can see it in ya face

  • All fun and games until someone gets they torso shot out….

    • Or sentenced to life for doing it.

      • EL_BARK

        I might have to fly back out there and solved this murder to…

        Fuk around and locate jimmy hoffa while i am at it.

        Dont know whats worst, the fact that he bought it on himself,

        Or the fact that i dont even know why they beefing to begin with.

        Which means was the shet even worth it.

        Dude you sign to brick squad, i hope it was serious on some street stuff.

        Not about you getting cred to boost your rap career…..

        Damn you 40 glock……

      • Brick Squad? They produce brick after brick , non stop bricks.
        They all wack. 
        Rap Beef?

        Side note:
        What’s up with the pics of the Mexicans cooking hot dogs & bacon on top of shopping carts?

      • EL_BARK


        I have to email it to you. I dont think i can upload and avi,
        From the mobile. I got yo though.

        I was trying to be discreet, about it
        Cause i wasnt trying to embarrasssed them or be little them

        But the shet was to funny, but i couldnt
        ” knock the hustle” lol

        I was more intrigue then anything. Like WTF

        Is she cooking bacon on a shopping cart. Lol

      • mike malarkey

        yooooo philly was not a good look smh lol

      • Thats cause you got two pieced LMFAO

      • mike malarkey

        yea right lol

      • EL_BARK

        What happened mike???????

        Lmao as i try to ponder what could had went down.

      • mike malarkey

        it snowed. and the hoes was scared to come out. and i aint get a cheesesteak and the liqour stores was closed at like 10

  • couldnt fight the bullets for real

    • He might have learned that , had he had more time , but he got lazy , feeding on a steady diet of chumpz.

  • Cats doing dirt then dry snitching on themselves smh. Ever heard of real G’s move in silence? This is y. He died over foolishness and the dummie he beat up on Worldstar talking about how its gonna be handled and he’ll get his like the laws can’t log on the Worldstar and its all linked together so.. yea he bout to gone too. U dumb niggas doing their job for them. Grown niggas beefing over twitter & facebook is lame grow up and get a job. No racist shit but Racist whites can’t help but laugh at us when they see some shit like this smh

    • I agree with everything you said. Its really sad someone lost their life…

  • r,i.p  no-ones life should be taken .. not over music  there all in it together  be unity as one .. makes me sad to hear !! 

  • Judging from those videos I bet he pissed other ppl off to in the streets but,it would be crazy if dude from that video really did that.These dudes were going the wrong route
    New Loch LiL Wayne and Drake She Will freestyle…

  • Casor_Greener

    Real Nikkas do Real Things…

    Dumb nikkas have dumb things happen to them….

  • mike malarkey

    damn nigga got caught loafin.. smh over sum twitter shit.

    • he was probably originaly from DC …SMH

      • mike malarkey

        gtfoh thats that cali shit lol

  • Bayram55

    karma for his ass, he thought beatin dude up and puttin it on worldstar was gonna end good for him? Even the most pussiest niigga will go crazy over pride. You cant feel sorry for him just cause he got chipped

  • The Truth


    • niggas mouths and their thirst for fear, respect, and internet fame is getting them “wacked”. this was more about the embarrassment on worldstar then the twitter beed.

      • The Truth

        All I’m saying is that niggas are dumb these days like really though I remember back in 2005 when internet beef was nothing it was maybe just some lame ass nigga in his momma basement leaving comments trying to get a reaction now all these niggas coming on the net to really gangbang and then they wanna ask why feds be tracking down they shit.. and these dudes be too comfortable on twitter too like really though i seen some nigga twitpic a picture of him bagging his weed bout to hit the block these dudes are dumb im glad im not a “street nigga” i dont glorify that shit these niggas got the IQ of one of my pubes.. 

  • this is some ignorant ish. It’s just twitter!!!

  • First the black man were born gods,then slaves, and now victims of twitter beefs smh.

  • it seems the black man has found another way of killing ourselves #twitterbeef

  • Papi Peligro

    Cyber Bullying growing epidemic just not in the hood. Bullies are the victims of Cyber Bullying. So what have we learned.  The hardest put something on the memorial guest books and not on Twitter.   And no matter how big you are and how many people you beat up that little bullet some weak minded person with nothing to lose is always harder. 

  • Papi Peligro

    This ain’t the first death Joe Budden killed his unborn over twitter. 

  • Isn’t it funny how Waka linked up with Suge recently hmmm?

  • Search “Lost By Don Melo”  On You Tube SPREAD THE WORD!!  SUBSCRIBE!!!  Keep It 100

  • I’m not surprised, maybe this will make people think before they do dumb sh*t… You reap what you sow or in this case if you reap what you sell. All of these guys are selling destruction and they’re getting it back…

  • So another kase of bitch a55 ninjas who kant fight so they shoot….smh no points for that and i hope they katch all involved.

    • understandingoverignorance

      The first rule of being a real hood nicca handle your own business…..RoseMo was doing some other mans work…211 should have got with Boskoe1…But he was sitting back commentating….He ain’t no boss I bet now he all shook up…SMH that niccas fighting over twitter what happen to stick and stones…you niccas know the rest. understanding over ignorance out.

  • damn i remember that video…now he dead…twitter is gettn serious

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  • This dude loved Ice Burgandy for some reason. Always fightin muthafuckas for him. Now it cost him his life. 

    • TheReaEmajor_on_twitter

      thtz gotta b hard 2 swollow (pause) to kno ya boii iz dead and it maybe behind u…not takn ur own fade…sad….we gotta sharpn up

    • NexGin

      I was thinking the same thing.  It’s like every time I turned around he was fighting or beefing w/ somebody whose actual beef was w/ Burgandy.  He was either a super loyal mf, a super dumb mf or a combination of both……probably the latter seeing as filiming himself committing felonies never registered in his brain as not being the smartest thing to do.  Sad shit is, I wouldn’t be surprised if dude is dead over some other non-publicized beef that he had.  Somebody else probably ceased the chance to murk dude on the low knowing that the main murder suspects would be the people that he publicly beefed w/ &/or assaulted.

  • Damn, they had video of dude on Youtube looking all slumptastic!

  • TheFlyest

    This case would definitely be hard to solve unless a miracle happens, the kid got into different  situations and another can utilize the opportunity to hit him up.  He should have seen it coming, how can u disrespect dudes with money that can pay for you to get wacked and also humiliate a hungry upcoming dude plus other activities he might have gotten himself into ? brothers have to use their brains seriously.

  • Ronny Dæili

    How emberrasing… First he bullys the world like the US does with the middle east, and he doesnt even think about the consequence, just like the US..

    Guess he wasnt H.N.I.C


  • R.I.P. BLOOD..

  • Man the madness needs to stop..

    M.U. – The Reunion (Feat. K-dot & Young Blue)

    This is off the new album

  • StreetMediaZone

    dasaint i hope your taking heed while you postin ya face on hear homie…….u cAN BE TOUCHED

  • StreetMediaZone

    AND M.U. boy you are trash talkin talkin bout you wont go commercial I bet if Puff called you
    yo bytch azz would ovulate…#yourtrash

  • unapologetik

    These ninjas dumb azzess dying ova nathing, doin exactly wt da white man wants keep up da good work bitch azz ninjjas

    • StreetMediaZone


  • jefe941

    On some dumb ass twitter beef…..smmfh we gotz to do better

  • Big Damo..(D.B.C)

    on tht monkey sht

  • Why use a smart phone ( IPhone ) to do Dumb $hyt? ( Film Felonies )

  • tony madoff!

    tht nigga was so reckless was he a banger or entertainer smh ol silly Blood i was just lookin @ the video on wshh then i kome on here and he dead

  • Seriously this madness needs to stop,the internet isn’t a game,I done with the tough talking,man the shit is stupid,we getting to old for this shit……

    New track…

    1.Kingdom Rule

  • M.U.:

    GRANDFATHER IN AVI ( PKNY’S STONE ) Littermate to big Apple Kennels Grand Champion Sexy , Champion Nina & many other winners.
    GRANDMOTHER HERE: ( PKNY’S FEL ) 1/2 sister to PKNY’s Stone ( His Parents were litter mates ) Bred to big Apple Kennels Champion Big Buck:

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    1st Public breeding in 15yrs , Last Public breeding / sale produced the award winning :
    PayCheck’s Sweet Pea , mother Of Champion Mufasa & given award for excellence in breeding by the A.D.B.A.
    American Dog Breeders Association
    >>>>No dogs raised , sold or bred for any illegal purposes.<<<<



    • I see the pups now,I just clicked on the links………

  • Got what he deserved. Stupid nigga

  • Dude promoted violence and fell victim to it. A dumb nigga, video taping himself attacking people. He got what he deserved, one less idiot around.





  • alreadyknow

    i seen the vid of him beating the breaks off someone. i probably would have popped him too before i took that fade on film


    Yo somebody need to put
    211 twitter on an milk carton……..

    What no more jokes & videos to post. Lol

    Shet got real “REAL” fast lmao

    I was bout to make an twitter account to
    Fuk with him, but shet not a laughing matter,
    Being somebody lost they life.

    But u cant help
    But to point the finger at these lames, they bought this on themselves.

    Dont know whats worst. Being yall right now and yall skirt getting pulled in front of everybody.
    Or the fact that rosemo & ice burgundy work for waka flacka, lmpao lol

    Waka though, not gucci who is a trill niggah

    but waka??????

    Yall work / rap or affifilated with waka??????
    Then waka issued a statement saying
    Rosemo???? Who?????
    I dont know you man (big pun voice)

    @ ice burgundy
    Yo you in a postion that most rappers have been in before. Lol
    If you know like i know
    And the rest of the industry know. Its only one place to go when you need muscle
    as well As regain some street credibility. Once your cred has been jepoardize.

    And thats philly, south philly to be exact.
    Serious all jokes aside, being as though your previous muscle got no side left.
    U need to think about visiting and signing a philly cat quick.

    Hold on wait, you work for waka, which means ur money aint long enuff.

    On second thought. U can prolly pay somebody a protection fee.
    Instead if working/ rapping for you.

    I got a couple rappers who nice, put them on a track with you on a collab.
    Put couple ahkis in your next waka video,
    Pulls out the street dudes for a cameo, Like rick false and jay-z did and bam (emril voice)

    You back like you never left…….

    We’ll even though in assualt case on a rapper free of charge.
    Execpt for that niggah boskoe, you know like we know he aint boxing. Lol
    And in 3-6 months you can or might rebound. From this devasting blow that was laid upon you.
    And once everybody seen you got
    Grade a premium muscle witcha , you career might be salvagable at best.
    Hey we cant guranteed you be a star.

    Hey we muscle not miracle workers lol,

    I doubt jesus raised your career from the
    When keeping it real go wrong file,

    But atleast, you fuk with us, you can act hard while on our guard.

    And cats will think 2 twice bout bringing that gun play……

    “Dont bring a knife to a gun fight. ”
    Only if somebidy gave ur man the memo.

    Cant do what he did, and think cats not going to turn it up a notch.

    “Fighting that shet is trife.
    The only one fighting is the doctor
    And thats for ya life”



    • EL_BARK


      What up. Yeah i was out there last week. When they first approach dude on tape. Then i came home wednesday. Saw where he crash and was like damn.
      I was just there in inglewood, on that block dropping off a care package to one of my pop friends that live out there, and recognize them street.

      Yo i told mike i was going to slide threw ur bkock, i did that thursday before halloween weekend.
      But it was about 6:30 maybe and i aint see nobody really out, execept for a ciuple of kids & shet. I dont know if 76 & parmelee is the exact spot,
      But i holla @ you next time, i out there.
      Didnt know if yall was at 76 street or 76 place.
      But i figure yall was at a hideout, lol this girl took explain to us,
      Shet no so much in the open u gotta know were to find cats.
      But i slid thru your area couples times when i was out there.

      My man know these chics from crenshaw blvd, so we was back and forth.
      I be back out there maybe the summer.

  • D_hiloh


    Shit ain’t a game twitter or no twitter. The reality is a mother lost a son, children lost a dad, brother/sister lost a brother etc. Sure that nigga wasn’t no saint and didn’t pretend to be one either so he got his just due and doubt he’d disagree, but was the end result worth it?

    That said. He didn’t shoot @ game or dude who he whooped on. So what happend to a fair fight?

    In any case it’s just another nigga dead.

    • EL_BARK

      My G

      Did you see the video??????

      Man wasnt nothing fair about how that went down…….

      If cats not going to follow the rules, cats not going to
      Play by them……

      And i have no ties to either side, but u cant do shet like that.

      And not expect cats to handle the problem
      The best way see fit.

      Man if he got a fair fight, which he didnt okay.

      But they hop out on him, after setting him
      Up, and two guys rush him, while rosemo hop out from the gate swinging, never
      Let him throw his shet up or get focus. Or anything.

      Then was kicking when he was down, and these cats suppose to be from the same hood & gang.

      If thats was a fair fight. Yall can keep the boxing gloves.

      Not to mention the beef was with ice burgundy,

      2 aint no such thing as fair once u lays hands on somebody,
      And try to humilate & embarrassed them.

      If they would shot the fair one, and both men walk off afterwards,
      After going a couple cool.

      Buts thats not the case, kicking & stomping him on the ground,
      After sneaking him sort of.

      At the glove is off.

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  • H

    IDK, he got involved in some Shady shit that shouldn’t have involve him really. He was acting as the muscle for Ice Burgandy… Helping cats set people up, putting stuff on film and then on WSHH/youtube to embarrass those dudes and this is what happens….

    Not surprised at all

  • SP

    dmn cuz

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