Occupy Hip-Hop

Occupy Hip-Hop: A Video Manifesto

With all this talk of “Occupation” across the globe lately, AllHipHop.com editorial contributor, TRUTH Minista Paul Scott, has had some choice words for and about the Hip-Hop community and music industry. Check his latest – a video declaring his official “Occupy Hip-Hop Manifesto”:

What are your thoughts? Need more info? Read up here on TRUTH Minista Paul Scott’s original editorial from two weeks ago entitled “Time to Occupy Hip-Hop.”

TRUTH Minista Paul Scott represents the Militant Mind Militia. He can be reached at militantmindmilitia@gmail.com or visit his website at http://www.militantmindmilitia.com.

  • This is some real $hyt!
    Propz to AllHipHop for having the ballz to drop this!
    +1 at the Truth Minista for keeping it %100!

    I’m down to occupy Hip Hop…always been , always will!
    I hope AllHipHop runs a feature from the Truth Minista Paul Scott at least 1x a week!
    Time to Occupy Hip Hop! ( All Hip Hop too! )

    >>>>Tweets This!

    At Truth Minista:
    That Hat is Fly! Where can a brother get one?

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  • Yea… I remember back in the day you could turn on the radio and within an hour you could hear En Vogue, Naughty By Nature, Heavy D, Black Moon, Tribe Called Quest, SWV, NWA, MC Lyte, 2pac, The Pharcyde…most likely in that sequence…You just never got bored…But it’s about money and the lost of it and the need of it…But if integrity and greed wasn’t the ruler then the music wouldn’t be so saturatured and watered down to what puppeteers think the world is listening to. Little do they know, the world wants more from music and I believe ready to take it back. ill workings kill everything that is suppose to bring light. Now darkness in music trying to stay afloat with the crap it puts out, but it can change once we decide to.. 

    2nd verse guaranteed to piss a whole lot of artists off
    But to awaken you to your own truths and not cuz I want war.
    Cuz lord knows the earth can’t take no more
    And what hurts her makes me sore
    So all you artists abusing the craft leave now and
    Please take your gore
    Take your used to be poor now I drive a G4 with a whore, curse in every verse
    Gunmazing metaphors theres the door, you lied!
     You’re not what you said you were, I want a divorce
    Cuz music suppose to heal
    And because of belligerence you’ve killed
    Ignorance you sealed in the domes of the youth
    now to be somebody they think gotta drug deal, mug, steal, rob, sex to get gwop
    And then raise babies in the middle of the slop
    Don’t want blame for the fall of the game……Then stop
    Cuz words have power!
    And I’ma play the wissse old owl
    Don’t say no one ever told you so
    You get back what you give 10 folds…. 

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