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Snoop’s Football League In Chicago Reportedly Facing Financial Trouble

(AllHipHop News)The Chicago division of Snoop Dogg’s Snoop Youth Football League (SYFL) is facing hardships, according to reports.

One of the teams from the area, The Pilsen Jets, was supposed to play in the Playoff’s today (November 6).

MyFoxChcago reports that the SYFL in the is allegedly tens-of-thousands of dollars behind in bills.

As a result, the team, which consists of boys aged 7-14, which was forced to end their season early.

The bills for the teams football pads, helmets and jerseys totals at $22,000 and remain unpaid, according to the report.

Fox stated that if the team took to the field today, the sponsor would strip the team of their uniforms and equipment.

“I don’t think it’s fair,” a parent named Betty Arias told MyFoxChicago. “I think it’s more humiliating for them to show up there and asked to take off the equipment, asked to take off your uniform right after the game.”

Reps for the SYFL were not available for comment as of press time.

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  • biggdoggxl

    Dosent snoop have deep pockets?? Tell the skinny ass so called gangsta to cover the 22 gs!that’s pocket change to him!! Or is it?? tight mf!!

  • biggdoggxl

    I’m so sick of these fing rappers! They always flaunting shit like they so rich!! But when it comes to the important things like tpaying there taxes, bills, or the kids,they nowhere to be found! Floss your cash nigga!!

  • $hyt! Sponsors could ask all they want , no law against bumping gumz yet , but I’d politely tell them no.
    Sponsors get that advertising & it’s a tax write off.
    22racks for equipment?
    That’s about $500 a head , parents should try & cover it!

  • I knew ignorant asses would come on here and say F snoop..why he aint paying bills..etc…the thing yall have to realize is Snoop doesn’t finance this directly from his pocket..nor is HE the one in charge of making sure the bills in Chicago get paid…its bigger than the name on the league..know wtf ur talking about before u go blasting on somebody..

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  • Peace! The record was set straight today, people. See the interview that the SYFL Chicago Chair(woman) gae today to FOX News. SYFL Chicago, as are all the other SYFLs across the country, is a franchise, meaning that each state-SYFL is RESPONSIBLE for itself. The Chair(woman) has been diligently working, doing fundraisers, striving to offset these expenses, while many have been sititng on their thumbs (hating on the sidelines). Insha-Allah, SYFL Chicago will overcome these challenges; and ALLAH will bless the leadership and its supporting elements to come together to continue to proivde this much needed service for our youth!

  • Peace- Sorry for the typos- That shoulda been: “gave”, other correction: “provide”- Ehh!! Ya’ll know what it is!!! (smile)