Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz

Hip-Hop Rumors: Alicia Keys, the DJ!?? DMX Hits the Dr. Drew Show!? The Throne Rock Victoria’s Secret Show!!

Swizz Beatz Introduces Alicia Keys DJ AK-47 to the World…

After her husband Swizzy got a little tired of spinning for the crowd at a recent party at Yotel in NYC, talented wifey Alicia Keys was asked if she wanted to show off her skills on the 1’s and 2’s. It was at that moment, as the lights began flickering on her jacket, that DJ AK-47 was born…

That’s some Black Moon, Gangstarr, Pete Rock and CL Smooth, and more that she was rocking. Based off the song selection alone, I’d say she’s on the right path, but what do truly genuine DJs think about this? Can anyone spin a few songs and then call themselves a DJ?

DMX Debuts New Song on Dr. Drew Show!

Three rumors in three days? DMX, you are on fire!!! After announcing his collaboration with Eminem, and then his recent cleaning spree, Mr. Simmons stopped by Dr. Drew’s television show, Lifechangers, to perform his new and introspective single “Keep Your Head Up.” Check it out:

Regardless of what the general opinion of DMX’s latest acts and actions are, he hasn’t been arrested, and seems to be making a legitimate go at getting clean, sober, and back on top. We can’t hate on that, but I’m sure some of you will!

The Throne Rock “Stronger” and “N*ggas In Paris” at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!

Kanye West, who was originally set to perform at the Vickie’s Secret show four years ago, but had to cancel due to his mother’s unfortunate death, reemerged last night (November 9) to deliver his smash “Stronger” to a packed house of fashionistas, designers, models, and more. Shortly after, he was joined by his “big brother” Jay-Z, and both performed their new hit “N*ggas in Paris.” Video below:


-We hear that Bobby Ray, a.k.a. B.o.B., is working on a new mixtape titled E.P.I.C. that will drop before he releases his sophomore album, Strange Clouds.

-MMG rapper Stalley is currently in the studio with Young Guru working on his next project, Savage Journey to the American Dream, and they reportedly already have seven songs done.

-NYC residents, DMC of the legendary and iconic Run DMC will be making an appearance on November 11 at Dr. Jay’s on 125th Street for the 25th anniversary release of the “My Adidas” shoe.

-Yelawolf has released the official tracklist for his Shady Records debut, Radioactive. Features come from Gangsta Boo, Kid Rock, Eminem, Rittz, Killer Mike, Fefe Dobson, Lil Jon, Shawty Fatt, and Mystikal.

-The Tuskeegee airmen film, Red Tails, which was written by Aaron McGruden, creator of The Boondocks, has just released its third and final trailer. The film will hit theaters on January 20!

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  • Keith Brickz

    smh those features on yelawolfs album are str8 garbo…stop it slime

    • Killer Mike garbo??  Nah fam you trippin with that one…

  • how can anyone even try hatin on DMX esp ppl like us who have to do that shit daily? and hes not doin dumb shit 2 get him locked up or drugs or nothin wild and comin w music tryna get back… only ppl who can hate r ppl who wish they were in his position! dmx keep doin ur thing n come back strong ive always liked dmx i want tht dmx of the old days baakk

    • Casor_Greener

      Tell em why you mad son??!??!?!

      Forget DMX!!!

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    In stores now!!!

    M.U. – Stay On Point

    1.Kingdom Rule

    4.It’s Over (Feat.K.Dot)

  • Mack_D

    DMX, u so bumpin maine!!! Keep it comin brother!

  • King Cold

    Keep up the good work x.

    Big ups to george lucas for directing a movie based on the tuskegee airmen.

    • P agenor

      he executive produced it…He didnt direct the film.  The Film was directed by Hemingway

  • DMX is back!

  • M.U. 
    3.My Military



                          █ ——— R ——— ██ ——— E ——— ██ ——— A ——— ██ ——— L ——— █
                         █ ——— R ——— █ █ ——— E ——— █ █ ——— A ——— █ █ ——— L——— █
                         █ ——— T ——— █ █ ——— A——— █ █ ——— L ——— █ █ ——— K ——— █

  • ladynamor

    DMX still hot, Yellawolf still not. C’mon son, for real?

  • definitely wana see that movie.

  • DMX’s new track is hot!
    Red Tails ( Story of Tuskegee Airmen ) is hot as well!
    That trailer had me so hyped , I was ready to jump in a plane & fight for White Amerikka too!
    Alicia Keys / DJ AK-47?
    Can’t hate , every one else from Joaquin Phoenix , to %90 of today’s top artist ( who are equally just as garbage , are already making a mockery of Hip Hop , so why can’t she do her thing?
    No lie…I was in a bar , with DJ so & so & looked & it was a old white lady blending cd’s , calling herself a dj.

    Even on the radio…how many DJ’s can actually scratch?
    Now if Alicia Keys can get busy on the 1’s & 2’s , then she good money , regardless of sex, race , etc….same for MC’ing.

    If she thinks she can get a pass this way , for anything , because of her fame, etc., she is mistaken.
    If she gonna do her thing for real….do it girl!

  • water_ur_seeds

    X’s new track is dope, hope the album is deep, Hes been thru some schitt, so Hes gotta lot to say

  • Eng Mahamudu Jr Juma

    This z the new coming of the hip hop kat, none of y’ all niggaz ain’t admit that sh*t, lol.