HEATER OF THE DAY: Fred The Godson [BGA] Ft. Pusha T “Doves Fly”

[ahh_audio src=/11-11-11/FredTheGodsonftPushaT-DovesFly.mp3]

  • SteveRaze

    Dope track

  • Great combo.This beat is drama.Love this beat.Fred got bars for real and Pusha always spittin that shit.I’m feeling this shit.Gangster.This is tough.Love how they switched up the Prince hook

  • Fred the godson is rappin like Jim Jones

  • Tril Beats

    Sounds like a dope 80’s Montage… the beat is “Hot Fire” (Dylan Voice) lmao….
    Transformers style-

  • Fred can flow but he doesn’t talk about anything at all. Flow has limited value if the lyrical content is subpar. It’s like having a nice car but no tires, its pointless.