G-Dep’s Wife Writes Letter Discussing His Prison Sentence

From our friends over at VIBE:

In December 2010, rapper G-Dep shocked the world by confessing to the 17-year-old robbery and murder of a man in Harlem. The former Bad Boy rapper’s sentence of 25 years to life means he likely be in his early 60s before he’s released from prison.

VIBE issued an open letter from G-Dep’s wife, Crystal Sutton, recently, where she makes sad mentions about his PCP addiction and the plight of their children. Read the letter and more HERE:

  • water_ur_seeds

    Daum, G Depp was mad fresh back in the day… ‘Head Over Wheels’ and ‘Everyday’ (the og) are classics

  • smokewinston100s

    damn son….

    just damn. 

  • Did he plead guilty or take it to trial?
    Sounds like he plead guilty , cuz a PCP induced confession may need corroborating evidence at a trial.

    Damn G Dep!
    Fail MotherFoogin’ Blog!