5 Reasons Why Busta Signing To Cash Money Is Good

Yesterday, Busta Rhymes took control of the Internet conversation, as it was clear that he had signed to Cash Money. The revelation created a firestorm of discussion. Many people opposed the move, and others were all for seeing the New York Giant get down with the house that Baby, Slim, and Wayne built. I believe this is a great move for Busta Rhymes as long as he is able to remain “Busta Rhymes” as we know him along with the added the muscle of Cash Money. Here are the “5 Reasons Why Busta Signing To Cash Money Is Good.” Read it, then love it or hate it. Either or.

1) Access to the hottest talents in the game…for free. Up front, your hate or distaste for CMYM doesn’t matter. They have Nicki, Wayne, Drake, Baby, and a bunch of others. They are winning. Busta Rhymes has been a winner, but has seen a strain on his long career. Stop hating, and I mean hating. Those the balk at the signing said nothing when he was on Aftermath, under that umbrella. So, why care about this one? At least, he’ll get a release date and top-notch features.

2) Busta has done well with staying in the public eye. You have Jay-Z and a few other 90’s that are still playing in “the league,” but very few. This now gives him an opportunity to be re-introduced to the 14-year-olds that weren’t even alive when Busta killed “The Arsenio Hall Show” with A Tribe Called Quest. (Google that!)

3) Speaking of the youth, these days, they don’t get to enjoy the spoils of lyricism that some of us grew up with. Perhaps Busta Rhymes, with his CMYM pals, can help usher in a new appreciation for lyrics. Nobody, and I do mean nobody, is spitting like Busta on records like “Look At Me Now,” which was actually Chris Brown’s hit record.

4) Given the opportunity, you would sign to Cash Money, too. Don’t front.

5) Last, but not least, it’s just a good look for Busta Rhymes. Looking at the tweets, people act like this is the the mid-90s we’re talking about. The Flipmode Squad is gone. The Bushi clothing line is gone. Even the super expensive video budgets have dried up. But, Busta Rhymes is still here…and he’s an awesome lyricist. He’s a rapper that has done what only a few have done, and that’s stayed relevant in Hip-Hop for over 20 years. That’s right, Busta debuted with a group called Leaders of the New School in the late 80s/early 90s.

Some people plead that he’s a legend and shouldn’t be signing under another banner, especially one as commercially ubiquitous as Cash Money/Young Money. Busta is a grown man so why shouldn’t he – at this stage of his career – be making moves that further secure his family’s future? How many of you copped his last album in 2009? He’s never been a business man in the manner of a Jay-Z, so why pretend to be? He’s never once shown a penchant for the indie rapper life. So let Busta live. He’s an artist! He’s got the lyrics, he’s tenured in Hip-Hop and now he’s got the added industry clout to add nine more lives onto an already incredible career.

Long live Busta Rhymes.

  • bigbugga

    busta is on the right team.Ny Rappers dont support each other anyway.Dr.Dre isnt good at releasing albums on time atleast when he’s with cash money he can release albums anytime he wanna.He made a excellent move and trust me baby,slim and Lil Wayne will make sure he comes out on top

  • F*** CM/YM. Call me a hater i dont care cuz only crybaby stans call people that dont agree to be a fanboy of there favorite artist haters!

  • lifer413

    busta is the man, he’s been holding it down for years. i don’t always dig this ganster pose he’s adopted over the last ten years or so, but dude still spits and rocks shows like nobody’s business. a good look for busta.

  • sorry to say this is a bad move for busta you use to be a boss of flip mode now you sign with a lapel so someone else can be your boss wow what happen to you. I know lil wayne and drake etc etc is on the label but really you let baby be your boss now, bad move sad move this isn’t a god look for busta. He was better off signing to live nation or def jam sony virgin records who ever you don’t go backward. That like ludacris or TI signing with bad boy or cash money. Not a good look at all its sad to see what next fat joe maybe nelly. The like I’m 10 year older than my uncle, that don’t even sound right does it. Busta will make a cameos on some tracks spit some hot bars make some money but then say good night 

  • water_ur_seeds

    Its A good look, not A fan of YM, the old CM was ok, but cant stand the Drakes and them, but I wanna see BussaBus sell and make some mega money, thats why Im not mad at the 90s heads like Snoop selling out to make some real money, they aint getting any younger… Hopefully Busta will still make good music, He only knows how to Be raw, so Im not to worried about him spitting corny schitt

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  • 117

    I still say Shady 2.0 not Dre that man done to me when it comes to music but Shady 2,o is going to kill it. hope he’s not with young money and just cash money 

  • 117

    also the story is about Busta why is the pic of wyane and baby fix that

  • Juan Rivera

    ECONOMICS lil homeys…..

  • MrTroyMercy

    Aye chuck aka the fruity eric sermon looking nikka aka illseed aka mr shut yo fruity loopin troopin azz up…get of cash money nut sack…I know you gonna moderate this ish….this why this site is a dying breed . Late azz rumors – none hip hop ish and dicckrydin. Y’all a bunch of typing sambos . Busta will start claiming blood …skateboarding and earing leggings ..watch …like I said busta album are wack ..he knly has like two or three song max. Them niccas prolly ffucking cause that fruit boi who wrote that book said he was …stop dicck riding ou sambo we all know jig saw sucka azz is illseed… that is all.

    • mike malarkey

      wat up isk

  • MrTroyMercy

    This dude will not drop a album on cash money ….just like glasses malone , bow wo and all the rappers that ain’t lil wwayne or baby …ain’t boo and gooti contractulally obligated to this label… a no I wouldn’t sign to a set of fake skate boarding skinny jeans wearing blood wanna be’s …so eat a dicck!!

  • as long as they put out his music..i could care less…and Buss doesnt need a bunch of cameos from these bums…cant be mad at them for signing him tho..these dudes are winning in that regard

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  • TheBoxcarHobo

    I hope he doesn’t get jerked for his $$$…we’ve all heard about how Cash Money gets over on their artists.

  • jahartis

    This is that standard big name veteran hire that every big label does to try and expand their fanbase. Every big label did it before and all the future big labels will do it again.

    It never works out though, cause they always try to make the veteran artist rap out of his element…I mean do you really want to hear some soft drake slow jam hook on a Busta track? If you say yeah, you do a god job of lying to yourself.

    This sounds big, and I believe he’ll get on some tracks and they’ll push out a poorly promoted album for him but overall I just don’t see this helping anyone really in the long run. If you never learn from history, your always doomed to repeat it…

    • I don’t want to hear no soft ass drake shit ever…yet that’s what the 12-18 year olds think is talent. So real cats that spit are reduced to having these pussies bleed all over their albums. The only folks immune to this are Jay, Kanye, and the so called back pack folks. Back pack cats can do what they do because their 600K fans aren’t going anywhere.

    • Mongo Slade

      Yo Jeff it aint like Buss aint did soft R&B songs before one of my favs is Baby Give It To Me with Mariah

  • they are working an angle to make this sound good but its a sad day for sure

    • come on son, he cant sit around waiting for the old record labels to garner interest in him; Lately he has been just doing features for years, hell he may as well capitalize right; At hs age Cash Money is the biggest Agent out here, this shit is like William Morris Agency.

  • King Cold

    Idc about ymcmb. All I care about is the music that Busta is comin wit when he drops this joint wit cash money.

  • Busta is going to be the only true talent on that label filled with homo rappers and fake gangsters. I support real music not labels, if his project is good I may break down and cop it…chances are slim though. Him being associated with these WWF rappers doesn’t help at all.

  • 1) Hate it:
    The features Cash Money can offer are Doo Doo & a Busta track would be better with no features , as opposed to any or all of Cash money.

    2) Hate it:
    Busta & 14yrs olds:
    Busta raps for adults.

    3) Hate it:
    Lyricism? No one on Cash Money can offer lyrics next to Busta…even standing alone for that matter.
    Cash Money feat Busta will show how Doo Doo Gritz Cash money’s stable is.

    4) Hate it:
    Wouldn’t sell out or coon for a buck.
    That’s just a personal opinion though , obviously other’s differ.

    5) Taking the middle ground:
    If Cash money is the only label that will sign Busta , then Go For IT ( Rocky 4 Voice ) , but that shows how fugged up the industry is. Busta has put in Major work & every label should be bidding for him , instead of the usual garbage rapperz getting hyped , even though they lack flow / substance.

    KRS ONE , LL Cool J , Chuck D & few others have ripped the game for 20yrs str8 & Busta Deserves better than having to sign to Flash money just to eat!
    I wish Busta the best , but Flash Money is Doo Doo & they rape their artist!

    • Man you just writing to be making noise, there is no merit in your “column”…lol, no disrespect- Busta got to eat, he may have children; He is an exclusive artist and he can easily garner hundreds of thousands on remakes and having Cash Money broker these deals and have him In-house touching music like Cory Gunz in a collaboration is just an exciting thought all in itself. At least Busta can ensure that integrity comes out of the artist music, and he can teach History lessons on Rap. Old and new equals authentic and unique. This is a fresh new refreshing time for our man Busta, be happy and celebrate. Busta is an extremely intelligent man and this is a huge big step.

      • True ….maybe , we hope!
        Busta could carry ymcmb , I just hope it doesn’t bring him down!
        IE: Throwing up the “BLOODS” symbol , with Birdman , in next ahh feature….that $hyt str8 wack….to me anyway.

    • Mongo Slade

      I dont know Ed…. i feel u but to not like CMYM for personal preferance is one thing but to say they’re garbage? You can’t front and act like Weezy ain’t been putting in work and making straight bangers at times: “I’m Goin In” “John Lennon” at least 7 songs on the Carter 3 album…even the remix he did when he flipped the PAID IN FULL Rakim verse, I thought it was clever… but if u hate u hate it

  • Busta should understand the Hip-Hop game by now..He can sell his own music, he already has a huge fanbase so why is he still trying to be a part of a label? Secondly every label who trys to sign eveybody and their Mother, is bound to crash…BadBoy, G-Unit, Rocafella, No Limit….They all thought that by expanding they would be around for ever, and they were all wrong, too many artists under one label is a recipe for disaster……Busta need to take some business management courses and learn how to be his own boss. Call me a hater or whatever, Busta has been around before Jay, Puff, 50 cent and Birdman, lazy artists who are aways waiting for a handout, will always get left behind. And that’s what happened to Busta, his lazy ass got left behind and now he is pushing 40 years old, with a 25 year old boss called Lil Wayne.

    • LegendaryStatus

      Real talk, it’s not that easy to run a label or be a CEO . It’s just not meant for everyone. Admit it, it’s been some YEARS since we’ve gotten a great album from Bussa Bus.. Clive Davis failed him, Dr. Dre failed it. Let’s see what Baby can do. Remember back in the day, Juvenile and B.G. Were the top dogs on the label and somehow Wayne is arguably the biggest artist in the world. If busta can just get a piece of that, he’s winning. Plus he’s not on Young Money, he’s on Cash Money. Same label that inked Bow Wow, also an established artist in his own right..

  • Mongo Slade

    I CONCUR! Busa Bus definitely under-rated

  • useyourfuckinghead2732

    this article is dumb!!!!!! Busta is a real hip hop cat not a man kissing fake blood who will suck dick for a check! lets get serious hip hop lover

  • David Gonz


  • SouthsideHcity

    Let’s be real the game is about marketing there’s a fist full of rapper’s that can rap but that aint eat like they should ie Styles P, Rass Kass, Prodigy, AZ etc… CMYM is the only label that can really market Bus the game is fucked up. But him being on CMYM lone is gonna give him a bigger patio for his music cuz thats the hottest label and thats what the kids are listening to now. Look at this in a positive light if Busta can be Busta the one we grew up on maybe these kids can get a history lesson of a real MC. And stop thinking no disrepect Gucci Mane Waka are the hardest MC’s. Just look at what the Chris Brown joint did for him. Take the emotion out of it fellas & paid attention to whats going on. 

  • LegendaryStatus

    What is everyone’s problem with this deal? Record labels care about sales, not lyrics or “being real”.. The Chris Brown joint, the bet cypher, the outro on Tha Carter 4 opened a lot of people’s eyes to what he’s got left in the tank. Personally I’m excited because I know new music is coming and that it’s gonna be broadcast to a large market. (remember 14 yr olds buy Itunes songs) Collabs between he and Wayne, Rick Ross’ crew, dj khaled have me thinking he’ll soon be back on top.. “There’s only 5 years left!” Only my true hip hop heads understand that..

  • ReUp1000

    Lil Wayne been around since the 90s too

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