Hip-Hop Rumors: Rick Ross Pushes Date Back! Mystikal Signed To Cash Money Too!


God forgives, but does he have any affect on album release dates? Well, now I’m just asking. Why? Because it is looking like Rick Ross’s health issues will affect his ability to release and promote his new album, God Forgives, But I Don’t. Whatever Cory Gunz thought up. Anyway, here is what Ross said:

“The date is still tentative, December 13. [Because of] my little health situation, I had to postpone a lot of my groundwork. And I feel like that’s important for artists like myself.”
“If I wanted to, I’m pretty sure I could still meet that date, but I think for the people, it’s more important [to lay groundwork] for when I get out there and look them in the face and touch them hands. We’ve just gotta lay ground for it, and I’mma keep y’all updated.”

Source: MTV.com

I mean no harm. I know Mystikal was down with Cash Money too. That’s actually a pretty old rumor. But, I guess you could say that right now, most people care about Busta Rhymes. So, just so you know that I know, yes…Mystikal has a deal as well. Now, I am curious as to how he’s going to get his career back on track? I think he needs to do a song with Busta, Wayne and Nick and get started asap.

  • NorthDollasTX

    now this sounds a little bit better … id rather see MYSTIKAL sign to CMR than BUSTA not because of region or better fit … but because this niggah sat down for damn near 10 and im happy to see this man get a chance to get his money back up – wont be nothing near what he used to be but im sure at this point he just want to get back to #winning.


  • 7yoyo7

    Mystikal & Cash Money are both from the N.O. so it kinda makes sense. Good career move.

    As for Rick Ross, you know that Young Jeezy’s camp is gonna diss too now….

  • Casor_Greener

    He better lose some weight and lay off that cocaine or he is going to “DROP” with his next album…

  • smokewinston100s

    Mystikal can rap his ass off. Still bump Mind of Mystikal and Unpredictable once in a while. 

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  • Steven318

    Why sign with cash money when u see how they did bg, mannie fresh and juvi I think Mystikal can do better on his own he already got mannie fresh and klc(ex no limit beats by the pound producer) Some of y’all talkin down like mystikal don’t go hard this man is a beast and just cause baby and them are from the n o too don’t mean jack! I wish him the best n know he will bounce back n did with the cocaine comment dude is on papers so I’m sure he’s drug free smh

  • King Cold

    Mystikal get it in. Been waitin for a new album by him for years. Hope we get another Busta Rhymes and Mysikal track like on ELE.

    Ross knows this joint aint bout to sell so idk y he bothers to release it that day. Smh.

  • ive always liked mystikal, glad hes will be coming out with some new shit 

  • Dixi Freely

    He and Busta did a dope joint together back in the 90’s when Mystikal was with No Limit…It was on the Ghetto Fabulous LP!

  • Glad Mystical is back!

  • Giga Lopez

    ROSS Album is always Super Classic, can’t wait!

  • LouisianaHotBoy

    Dats a good look being that they were beefing back in da day. I think Mystikal can do some real numbers behind da rite beats.

  • BigSeannY

    Mystical will make it big again,believe that man.

  • newiran504

    that mystikal move is a straight power move! can you imagine wayne and mystikal on a track damn! mystikal cant lose imagine having to pick for your first lead single mystikal featuring nicki minaj or drake or busta or wayne or jay sean or cory gunz or t-pain or just do something totally differnent and mess everybody head up and do a song with kevin rudolf! mystikal cant lose and i hope he put out a mixtape soon! we know busta damn sure wont lose just leave flipmode out da records lol

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  • BoldSpice

    Mystikal and Busta was talking about a album together back in the day. Maybe they can make that happen now.

  • fuck comment haterz

    he dont need 2 do no song with nobody he still got it if you ask me he know how to hold his own ,he never came out with nobody on his songs