T.I. “Pyro”

[ahh_audio src=/11-22-11/TI-Pyro.mp3]

  • This is cool.Heard it.pretty average for a nigga like Tip.Love the beat.Hook could be stronger.I’m sure Tip got plenty of heat in the stash.I’m talking about songs LOL

  • I just hope this will not be his next single. This song would be a natural hit for a new artist but not for someone like T.I. Do not get me wrong the song is great but the bar is raised too high for him to let this be his new single. When you have been in the game for so many years sometimes you become complacent and create songs that never exceed your other ones. Follow me the music journalist @dejuanmvann

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  • this song is very weak…its about nothing and the lyrics a very ameteur for ti ….he did this song kwik…and the chorus sucks…it sound like something no limit would have made when they was poppin…and the beat aint slappin