Raekwon Ft. M.O.P. and Kool G Rap “Ill Figures Andrew Kelley Remix”

[ahh_audio src=/11-24-11/RaekwonftMOPKoolGRap-IllFiguresAndrewKelleyRemix.mp3]

  • Track is kinda garbage.
    Raekwon either can’t rap or raps below his talent .

    Only Built for Cuban Linx was a classic , 36 Chambers , Wu Tang forever Double LP , etc., 90’s , was Raekwon’s time to shine. ( That $hyt with Mobb Deep & Nas too )

    G Rap got legend status , M.O.P. doesn’t , but they up there.
    Maybe a better beat & subject? would make this the dream team classic it has the potential to be.
    Not sure how to rate this…..M.C.’s have to evolve.

    5 Albums into superstar status & rapping about grimey street life…..after just rapping about living the lavish life of kingpins , etc….nah I ain’t buying it!

    Rap about the real issues affecting us & our children.

    >>>>>M.O.P. gets a pass cuz they always kept it gutter…..even with $00.50

  • This song is Blazing hot, Everything about it! Good Looking Shao-lin, Brooklyn, and a Queens joint.