Loon Arrested In Brussels, Belgium Over U.S. Heroin Case

(AllHipHop News) Former Bad Boy Records rap star Loon was arrested in Brussels, Belgium, after he was allegedly indicted for heroin trafficking charges in the United States.

Sources stated the rapper was arrested on November 22 at the Brussels Airport.

According to local paper Parlamento, Belgium officials invoked the Patriot Act to arrest the rapper, whose real name is Chauncey Hawkins.

Loon, who now goes by Amir Junaid Muhadith, was heading to Brussels for a lecture at the Islamic and Cultural Centre of Belgium when he was apprehended.

The rapper, who hit big with singles like “I Need A Girl Pt. 1” and “Down For Me,” gave up rap in 2008 and converted to Islam.

Loon is currently being held at a prison in Vorst.

  • That’s fugged up!
    How old is the heroin case?
    Seemed like the brother made a genuine effort to turn his life over to GOD!
    If the case was pre 2008 , they should give him a pass on that!
    Post 2009 …he’s finished!

    How does a dope case = Patriot Act?
    That is some NWO BOOLChet!

    • tab58064

      The Patriot Act can be used to override the normal requirements by the law to investigate, detain, arrest, etc. people.  An investigator/prosecutors can use the Patriot Act to tap phones, install bugs & cameras in someone’s home, monitor internet usage, etc.  Loons ties to Islam certainly made it easier for officials to bag him in another country.

      • Of course, by how does a dope case fall under the Patriot Act?
        What’s next? A Weed case?
        Yeah, i know how the Patriot act eviserates the constitution even further, but Dayum! A dope case?

  • 7yoyo7

    @twitter-16309085:disqus  100 …
    Anybody can tell that either : 1- The U.S. want to hold him for some reason (other than this PROBABLY OLD case).2- Or Belgium did NOT want him on the territory due to the recent repression of Muslims around the world…

  • illuminati up in this bitch 

  • Jabrw0ckysuprfly

    Obviously he didn’t live up to his end of the “bargain” so now he’s gonna have to pay the price.

  • smokewinston100s

    beard look faker then a muddafuckha

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  • David Gonz


  • Tril Beats

    dumb nigga….

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  • tab58064

    Well, let’s see if he’ll get a deal like T.I.’s.  I mean certainly he should be eligible considering he doesn’t have a long felony rap sheet, machine guns, and silencers so surely he’ll get probation right???  I mean niggaz make excuses for T.I.’s deal surely they feel he should get the same or even less right??? LOL!

    • Michael Washington

      lol he might get some type of terrorist charges added on to since he converted to islam, never know with our government!

    • BoldSpice

      Shit nigga T.I. ratted on somebody to get that deal. No doubt.

  • anotha nigga gone smh

  • Intolerant2BS

    Cold Game..You Never Get Away With Anything In Life..You Only Get By..

  • 1. being Black.. 2. Being a rapper 3. Being a drug pusher 4. Being muslim….
    THE JAkE IS COMING FOR YOU DUMBASS… you cant control being black.. but COT DAMN.. what decisions are dummy’s making…

    Anyone with a brain that has studied islam vs. chrisitianity should know it’s a clear cut difference.. islam is NO continuance of Christianity… it was brought into the world to oppose the tru GOD.. 3 tenants of islam.. 1. Hate for Jews 2. Deny Jesus Christ as Messiah by dying on the Cross 3. Deny God having a “son” (Title) These are three things muslims know in their heart to be true..

    • Daddy O Get A Life Stop Eating Swine And Get Your Knowledge Up! That Could Be You I thought Your Dumbass Read The Bible “That said He without Sin Cast The First Stone ” Oh I forgot Your Tru God Aint teach you that  Watch what you say homey it might come back around and bite you on the ass

      Study boy

    • Dude, you have it fugged up!
      Christianity has absolutely nothing to do with the teachings of Christ!
      Jesus was a Jew & his true followers would adhere to Jewish customs.
      In reality , they would be Jews that accepted Jesus for what he claimed to be…the Messiah & follow Jewish customs.

      In reality they would be Muslims.

    • Jeremy Scott

      In all actuality, the Qur’aan discusses Yashua (Jesus) as a prophet and dignifies him. Also, it goes into detail of Yashua position in its faith & how Allah grants prophets with certain abilities to verify Yahweh/Allah’s existance (Moses with the plagues & parting the sea for example). Muslims never hated Jew, The Old testament is 60% of the Qur’aan. Certain muslims see the “Son of God” as a title of someone that followed Yahweh and dying on the cross can be argued (blood gushing for the side when speared, on the cross 6hrs and not being buried but intumbed with spices and oils). I never seen any tenants of Al-Islam with your verifications, but what do I know, Im not a Muslim myself!

      • flightt7

        YHVH and allah isn’t the same . YHVH is the only true and living God

    • That’s a lie.

  • wtf is this man

  • Banksy

    God really must be a convict, cause it seems like alot of niggas seem to always find him in prison.



                          █ ——— R ——— ██ ——— E ——— ██ ——— A ——— ██ ——— L ——— █
                         █ ——— R ——— █ █ ——— E ——— █ █ ——— A ——— █ █ ——— L——— █
                         █ ——— T ——— █ █ ——— A——— █ █ ——— L ——— █ █ ——— K ——— █

  • water_ur_seeds

    Mase somewhere lol right now

  • Zom

    LoL .. this man look like a Arab or some shit


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  • Masterful_Ronin

    Why does Loon look like he bein interviewed by Jay Leno or some s*** in that picture?

  • YaheardSyndicate

    his uncle is Nicky Barnes. Real Rap

  • MrTroyMercy

    First off this is no attack against muslims. Illumanti ain’t invloved ( to you clusterrmind fuccks with th maggot brain”.) This is prolly a bad case of being around di*ckhead wwho use you launder ish .He could be ivolved as well but on the real to ral . I can hive a damn about this article cause giving a damn about this will reck my brain cells.loon was trash to me and he still gonna be trash beven if converts. Now I hope the brother steer awway from the haters in hip hop and stay hybernating in the mecca or some ish. Y’all do the math …ditty eual eith gay, locked , spreading poison and www ackness to your society or just plain trash.I ain’t no preacher but some of you cats preeaching on a hip hop site need t sut yabubba clock mouth mon. Y’all be the same coons yelling free boosie. WHere all that paper he was flashing on youtube ? I hope loon didn’t do it but sadly he’s not even a factor in rap anymor nore has the smiling negro been. and he now he is deep water. Aways f*ck all ya amerikkka!

  • real rap raw…bars

  • PL

    He gonna be playin footsies with G-Dep in the box..

  • lol this guy totally copied Ma$e’s style, now look at this guy. Looking like Osama Bin Laden and in jail in Belgium of all places.

  • Kap Diva

    This all happened before he even became a Muslim.

  • If they have really been watching him and this is an old case and they see that he changed up his life then they need to let that ish go man.  They always gettin niggaz on sum old ish years after they quit the street life n shiit…

  • If they have really been watching him and this is an old case and they see that he changed up his life then they need to let that ish go man.  They always gettin niggaz on sum old ish years after they quit the street life n shiit…

  • Just did some reading & found out that the Patriot Act has been used for over 1,600 drug cases , but only 15 times for cases involving terrorism.

  • God judges man not man judges man. If Loon was found guilty or not for doing this crime, then, GOD is All knowing All Wise. Don’t act like you all haven’t did anything wrong in your life. Everything happens for a reason that is much bigger than us our understanding.