FRESH HEAT: Serius Jones [BGA] Ft. T-Pain “Too Serius”

[ahh_audio src=/11-28-11/SeriusJonesftTPain-TooSerius.mp3]

  • $18916246

    He’s a dope emcee….he don’t own his talent…Serious SJ…You gotta get with producers that allow you to capture that delivery you use in your classic battles. I think SJ is caught up chasing mainstream appeal and losing what he really possesses as an original and unique rhyme sayer. Don’t dumb down…gum ball your flow bruh. Go back and study your rap public appeal bruh . Peep your own masterful flows in batte and let them go (ride) over a beat.where’s the ill sarcasm?..your signature flow?…….Biggie did it (Peep Biggie on his Classic “The What”…what’s keeping you bruh? Treat your approach to mainstream industry music like one of your battle opponents….and you know the outcome.

  • Mongo Slade

    Song is dope! Track, flow and chorus… Serious Jones got a banger!